Liepaja is a city in the west of Latvia on the Baltic Sea coast. It is the third largest city in the country, which is home to one of the most important Latvian ports.

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Liepaja is known as a resort center, and the city in which the wind is "born", indeed, the wind from the sea blows here almost constantly. Due to its location between the Baltic Sea and Lake Liepaja, the climate in the city is maritime. In many ways, the weather here is determined by the proximity of the Baltic Sea.

Lake Liepaja, Liepaja, Latvia


The first mention of Liepaja dates back to 1253. At that time, the fishing village was called Liva and was part of the Livonian Order. At the beginning of the 15th century, the settlement was plundered by the Lithuanians, after which the Amsterdam– Moscow trade route passed through it. In the second half of the 16th century, Liwa was pledged to the Hohenzollerns and became part of Prussia.

The Baltic Sea coast

At the beginning of the 17th century, Liepaja returned to Courland, and in 1625 received city privileges and turned into one of its most important ports. After the end of the Northern War, Liepaja became part of Poland. In 1795, the city became part of the Russian Empire. At this time, it is called Libava.

In 1919, Liepaja became the capital of Latvia for six months. In 1941, the city was captured by German troops. Soviet troops occupied Libava only on May 9, 1945. After the restoration of Latvia's independence in 1990, Liepaja became an important industrial and cultural city of the country, as well as the third most populous city.

Liepaja, Latvia

What to see and do?

Follow the Route "Liepaja by notes"

Visit the Bolshoi Yantar Concert Hall

Take a walk along the Liepaja beach "Where the wind is born"

Visit the Northern Fort

How to get there?

Liepaja is located 220 km from Riga. You can get here by car from the capital of Latvia, and from the Lithuanian Klaipeda. You can get by bus from Riga, Kuldiga, Ventspils, Klaipeda and some other cities. Liepaja has a railway connection with Riga and Jelgava. A ferry service connects the city with Travemunde, which is located in Germany. You can also fly from Riga to Liepaja by plane, the journey time will take about an hour.

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March 31, 2024

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