The route "Liepaja – follow the notes!"

The route "Liepaja – follow the notes!"

The most convenient way to get to know Liepaja and get acquainted with its sights located in the city center is to walk along the route "Liepaja – follow the notes!".

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To do this, you can go to any information center for a map and follow the notes embedded in the pavement. The route is divided into two paths: one leads to the sea, and the second covers many attractions.

Liepaja – follow the notes!

A Clef – Rose Square

Rose Square in Liepaja, Latvia

Before – Madame Hoyer's Guest House

Continuing the route, take a look at the Roman Courtyard, and the basements built under the courtyard, and the art gallery equipped in them with a wide collection of works by Liepaja artists of the 20th century.

The musical road continues along Zivju Street, where the Alley of Fame of Latvia's favorite Musicians has been created. Stones with artists' handprints serve as an interesting interactive adventure, because it is very difficult to find a suitable size.

Do — Madame Hoyer's Guest House

Madame Hoyer Guest House in Liepaja, Latvia

Madame Hoyer Guest House is one of the oldest residential buildings in Liepaja, which is currently being restored and will soon become an interior museum of the 17th-19th century.

To the left of Madame Hoyer's House is a stone building, a typical example of a 17th-18th century building. Another of the oldest types of buildings has been preserved behind the hotel — a 17th-century wooden log cabin on a low stone basement and with a tiled roof. The walls of these old houses contain stories about the stay in Liepaja of Russian Tsar Peter I and King Charles XII of Sweden.

Re — Petrovsky market

Petrovsky Market in Liepaja, Latvia

Near the market stands the tallest building in Liepaja – St. Lutheran Church. Anna's.

Mi — St. Joseph's Cathedral

The Cathedral of St. Joseph with a luxurious interior is the largest Catholic church in Kurzeme. To the left of the cathedral is the former building of the Kurzeme District Court, which now houses the City Duma.

Drums – Janis Chakste Square

The square is the highest point of the city – 11 meters above sea level.

Janis Cakste Square, Liepaja, Latvia

Janis Chakste Square is a favorite place for townspeople to meet.

Saxophone — Seaside Park

From this place, you can conveniently walk to the sea and explore the Liepaja beach, which already attracts vacationers with its spacious seaside and unusually white and fine sand.

Violin — Swan Pond

An area of mansions and some of the most luxurious wooden cottages, decorated with fine decorative carvings, was formed around the pond.

Pipe — Kurmayas Avenue

Throughout the avenue there are bronze sculptures of heroes from the lines of the city anthem "The city in which the wind is born" – a telephone operator, amber Latvians, a crow and a boatman.

Fa — Art Nouveau buildings

Art Nouveau buildings, Liepaja

In total, there are about 70 buildings in Liepaja that have characteristic features of the Jugend style. Most of them are built in a concise manner, so they successfully fit into urban development.

Sol — Liepaja State Gymnasium

Liepaja State Gymnasium, a former women's gymnasium. The building was built in 1912, the architecture is unusually refined and luxurious.

Pause – The Julian Court

Walking along the boardwalk, you can look at fishing boats and yachts. And near the footbridge, you can explore the layout of the canal surroundings and the amber clock created from amber pieces.

La — Concert Hall "Great Amber"

Concert Hall "Great Amber", which hosts city events and concerts, is very interesting from the point of view of architecture.

Concert Hall "Great Amber", Liepaja

Si — Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity is unique in the world's largest undeveloped mechanical organ.

Holy Trinity Cathedral in Liepaja, Latvia


March 31, 2024

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