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Bahrain. Day 2


I continue to tell you about the country. One of Bahrain's most famous landmarks is the twin towers of the Bahrain World Trade Center. They are the recognizable symbol of the country.

In fact, these are two office buildings, between which wind turbines with turbines generating electricity are installed. The idea is interesting. I don't know if it works in practice. The windmills stood motionless.

Bahrain World Trade Center

The Moda boutique shopping center with all collections of premium brands is located at the bottom of the building.

Moda Mall in Bahrain

The most interesting thing is that I didn't meet any visitors inside. I even came in on purpose in the evening – silence. I immediately remember the queues at the entrance to similar shops in the Dubai Mall. The goods are all the same.

Moda Mall in Bahrain

A little further from the towers, there is a view of the developing area of the Financial Harbor of Bahrain. Many people already love glass buildings and skyscrapers here.

Bahrain Financial Harbour

Vacant lots are replaced by beautiful lawns and palm trees. A completely different view. I guess that's what's missing in other parts of the city.

Bahrain Financial Harbour

The entrance to some business center is decorated with a sculpture in honor of the centenary of the Bahraini banking system. These are turned-out coins.

Sculpture in honor of the centenary of the Bahraini banking system

There is a pleasant promenade with many shops and cafes on the territory. True, they were all in a state of finishing, but a couple of places were already working.

The beautiful green color of the glazing merges with water

This area will be connected by a single walking road to the Avenue shopping center in one direction, and the prestigious residential area of Reef Island on the island of the same name. It turns out to be quite an interesting ecosystem within walking distance. And, given that Bahrain is the largest financial hub in the Middle East, I am sure that this place will become widely known in the coming years.

On the left is the prestigious residential area of Reef Island, and on the right is the embankment under construction

Part of the embankment has already been built, and a sculpture symbolizing the contribution of Bahraini women to national development is located here. The object is interesting, its visual shape changes from different angles. It's worth a look.

Monument to the women of Bahrain "Atar"

The embankment ends and interchanges and vacant lots begin. The sun is already pretty hot, I order a taxi and go to look for a car for rent

Car rental

In fact, everything turned out to be quite simple – I found a couple of offices on the maps, went in and asked for availability and conditions. The price was the same for everyone – 10 dinars per day ($26.5), but according to availability – some had to wait for several hours, others had dead Hondas. I chose the least battered one and went. They asked for a passport and, if I'm not mistaken, 50 dinars as collateral. In fact, everything was returned without a single comment.

He took the right one. I had to light it up beforehand.

To be continued )

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April 13, 2024 09:43 pm
Yeah. The new area is already better, but everything else....
April 13, 2024 09:49 pm
And what exactly don't you like? Do you need more glass? They can show a couple of photos from Dubai with exactly the same view. There are places to make impressions, and there are places to live) I wrote about the specifics of the climate and the sun in the last post.
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