Weekend itinerary in the Krasnodar Territory: nature reserves, parks, a winery and the sea


Today I will tell you about a very interesting route, which turned out, as always, by accident

Despite the fact that the trip was in the autumn of 21 and started from the now closed airport, even now you can easily repeat it by arriving in Krasnodar by train, bus or your own car.

The route through the Krasnodar Territory

The trip did not go beyond the weekend: the flight from Moscow to Krasnodar was early Saturday morning, and the return flight was Sunday evening. The total distance was about 500 km


Krasnodar from a bird's eye view

Upon arrival, I rent a car and hit the road without entering the city itself. Krasnodar is famous for its traffic jams, and a walk in it is planned upon return.

I got a new car at the box office, and even with a full tank

Literally 10 minutes after departure, the stele of the Republic of Adygea meets.

An unusual letter Ы


The first stop point was in the city of Adygeysk. In fact, the task was just to stop by and buy coffee with you. I cannot recommend this action, as the service turned out to be so slow that almost an hour of time was lost. Maybe it's just bad luck. There was nothing remarkable in Adygeisk.

Healing Park in Goryachy Klyuch

Another half hour of travel and I found myself in the very place that I really wanted to visit: the park near the sanatorium, which is also called the Resort Park or Mountain Park.

Incredibly beautiful nature in a Hot Key

The Healing Park is a mountain forest with a unique nature and beautiful views of the valley of the Psekups River.

Psekups River Valley

Green hills and yellowing autumn trees

A dried-up tree and a view of the Healing Park in Goryachy Klyuch

There are several attractions in the park, including the Cockerel Rock

The valley of Deki Psekups and the famous rock Cockerel

The Iver Chapel, which is located in the cave

The Iver Chapel in the cave

And of course, Dante's Gorge

View of the Dante Gorge

The road along the gorge goes up, delighting with its unique stairs and rocks.

Rocks and stairs in the Dante Gorge

It feels like I'm in some kind of fantasy movie.

Rock paintings in the Dante Gorge

In fact, all the rock carvings are quite "fresh" - the soft rock allows you to leave your "mark" in history. Someone even managed to leave a mark from his hand.

The trace of someone's hand

A walk through the park takes several hours, if desired, you can take a break in the lively park area, where there are a lot of attractions and cafes. It is definitely worth visiting here in person - no photo will convey the incredible sensations of the place.

There were no plans to stop in the city of Goryachy Klyuch itself. We're moving on.

Architecture of the 90s in a Hot Key

I came to Dzhugba by a scenic road.

Picturesque autumn landscapes of the south of Russia


The idea to come to Dzhugba came spontaneously. I've never been here before, but many friends often choose this city as a summer vacation. I was curious to see.

The season has already come to an end in October. The resort town, as it usually happens in autumn, is deserted, and only a few are enjoying the still warm sun.

Djugba Beach

After walking a little along the embankment and the city, we can say that this is a typical city of our Black Sea coast, which reminded us very much of Lazarevskoye.

We return to the route and drive towards Gelendzhik.

Gebius waterfalls

Before reaching Arkhipo-Osipovka there is a very pleasant nature reserve Gebius waterfalls. Few people know about it, but even if you are just relaxing in Dzhugba or Gelendzhik, take a taxi and come here.

The gorge of the Gebius waterfalls

Here you can walk along the rocks along the gorge and climb up along the waterfalls.

Stairs along waterfalls

The places are very beautiful, and the rocks lying "on their side" create a feeling of an inverted world. You can spend the whole day here. And yes, it's worth it.

Nature near the Gebius waterfalls


Sunset in Divnomorskoye

I arrive at Divnomorskoye by sunset. As in Dzhugba, there are no tourists in October anymore. The locals are fishing.

Divnomorsky Embankment

Walking along the Divnomorsky embankment, I can say that this is a great place for a relaxing family holiday, and the unique nature, beautiful mountains and forests will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.

Lighthouse and marina in Divnomorskoye


In recent years, Gelendzhik has become so much prettier that it can be confidently called the best resort place in Russia. There is a beautiful promenade, lots of excellent cafes and restaurants, and life is in full swing not only day and night, but even out of season.

Even though the weather was cool in October, the sea remained very warm.

The water temperature is 23 degrees

Having bathed early in the morning, I continue my journey.

The mountain with the inscription Gelendzhik


Novorossiysk became the next destination on the route. Since I've been here before, a short walk was enough.

The artillery cruiser Mikhail Kutuzov in Novorossiysk

Lefkadia Valley

The next stop was not far from Krymsk - in the village of Moldavanskoye, where a winery with its own restaurant and hotel is located. In addition to wine, you can try out cheeses, honey and sunflower oil of your own production.

A stele in the form of a barrel Lefkadia Valley

It is pleasant to walk around the large and beautiful territory.

Vineyards and an observation tower in the Lefkadia Valley

And bunches of grapes attract you to taste the berries. To be honest, I couldn't resist eating a few grapes, which turned out to be incredibly sweet.

Vineyards of the Lefkadia Valley

Unfortunately, the steering wheel has limited the opportunity to taste wines, but if you are a wine connoisseur, I recommend doing the same route in the opposite direction, and staying overnight at the winery's hotel.

Wine House


The city of Krasnodar is associated primarily with Galitsky Park. In early October, fountains are still working, and tropical trees are not hidden in transparent cocoons.

This is not the first time in the park, but for the first time in autumn. Every season there are different colors, different moods. And the new Japanese Garden is another reason to come and visit the park again in the future.

View of the Krasnodar stadium behind the splashes of water

Yellowing trees paint the park in new colors.

Autumn colors in Galitsky Park

Autumn colors in Galitsky Park

A winter cocoon began to be installed around the baobab

Installing a winter cocoon around a baobab tree

The time remaining before the flight back was a pleasure to spend in one of my favorite parks.

Art object "Inverted drop" in Galitsky Park

This is how the route turned out. In two days we managed to visit the most beautiful parks, nature reserves, take a walk in a winery and swim in the sea.

I can recommend the route to everyone. Your weekend will be unforgettable.


June 1, 2024 10:02 pm



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