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Izborsk is an incredibly beautiful manor and an ancient fortress


I've never heard of this place. Heading from Pskov to the Holy Dormition Pskov-Pechersk Monastery, I saw an interesting sign made of carved wood and decided to stop by. The emotions of what he saw are a hundred times higher than expectations.

Izborsk is the oldest Russian city, which is mentioned in the chronicles of 862. Truvor, Rurik's brother, was based in this beautiful city

There are three brothers from Germany with all their family: Rurik, Sineus, Trivor. And there was Rurik staryshina in Novgorod, and Sineus staryshina was on Belosera, and Trivor in Izborets. – From the "Tale of Bygone Years"

At the entrance, there are incredibly beautiful merchant estates with carved architraves on the windows and overhangs of the roofs. These houses are now arranged as museums, which house historical exhibitions.

The estate of the merchant M. S. Belyanin

Estates of Izborsk

The Belyanin Manor is a two–storey wooden house built in 1895. It is based on a stone base

Anisimov Manor is a two–storey house built in 1902 by merchant Anisimov

Shvedov Manor is a one–storey wooden house

All houses have courtyards with many outbuildings. Each of the houses is beautiful in its own way. Pay special attention to the street lights, which are placed on wooden poles.

On the left is the estate of I. A. Anisimov, on the right is the estate of merchant Shvedov

The main street is mostovaya. Moreover, its pedestrian part is lined with granite gabbro. And all this is in excellent condition. The lawns are well maintained and separated from the transition road by planted flower beds. That's very beautiful.

Other buildings in Izborsk

A souvenir shop

Each house is different from the other. Wooden and stone houses, Russian huts. Perhaps this is one of the best preserved places where you can feel the merchants of Russia at the end of the XIX and beginning of the XX century.

Walking around the city, you find yourself at the walls of the Izborsk fortress. She's incredible.

Izborskaya fortress

The fortress was built in 1330 on the Zheravy Mountain and has been preserved in excellent condition to the present day.

The entrance to Nikolsky Zahab starts from the Dark Tower

The entrance to the fortress passes through zahab (the word is formed from the Old Russian okhaben, which means "sleeve"). This is a narrow corridor that is not visible from the outside, but is absolutely transparent to those who are placed on the walls. Narrow passageways protected the entrances to the fortress. Zahabs are found mainly in the fortresses of northwestern Russia. Moreover, there are two zahabs in the Izborsk fortress.

Nikolsky Zahab of the Izborsk fortress

Nikolsky gate of the Izborsk fortress

The second zahab is called Talavsky and is located behind the Talav Tower. Its peculiarity is that it is the only one of all the towers that does not have circumferential walls, but flat ones.

Talava Tower outside

Talava Tower from the inside

Talavsky zahab of the Izborsk fortress

The inner territory of the Izborsk fortress

The passages along the part of the fortress wall are open. You can see how far the horizon was visible to the defending soldiers.

Passage along the reconstructed part of the fortress wall of the Izborsk fortress to the Lukovka Tower

The passage is closed for the most part of the wall, but you can see its natural appearance

The Onion Tower, under it the entrance to the arsenal

The Lukovka Tower overlooks the Izborsko-Malskaya Valley, Truvorovo settlement and Gorodishchenskoe Lake

The fortress wall of the Izborsk fortress and the Izborsko-Malskaya Valley

Truvorovo Settlement and the sign of the Silver Necklace of Russia project

I recommend travelers to walk to the Slovenian Keys, the Truvorov settlement, go to the Chapel of the Sovereign Icon of the Mother of God and look at the big cross.


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