We are brought to Kolomna with sufficient frequency and for unknown reasons, as if it were smeared with honey.

It's just because Kolomna is very pleasant. With these colorful houses, coziness, neatness and cleanliness and bright provinciality.

Do you often get treated to banana cocoa on the summer porch, on a wrought-iron chair under the geraniums? That's it.

The entourage. Base.

In the best traditions of the genre.

What is your attitude to the concept of going underground on the ground floors of buildings? Share it in the comments if you know something else besides the concept of "cultural layer".


An angel made of glass bottles.

The profiled sheet is the scourge of modern landscaping. Ruble vs. Aesthetics.

I wonder what is the reason for this decision of the slope?

There is no further passage.

I don't even know if it was an idea or an accident.

Pyatnitsky Gate (Pyatnitskaya Tower) is the main, front gate of the Kolomna Kremlin. The tower is located on the eastern side of the Kremlin, between the Zastenochnaya (not preserved) and Burnt towers, facing the Vladimir — Kashira road (now Zaitsev Street). This is one of the six gates of the Kolomna Kremlin (including the punching ones) and the only surviving travel tower (there were four in total).

A hillock.

This is what a standard visualization should look like in my opinion. I'm talking about people like photoshopped ones)

Woodcarving is our staples.

A three-legged box.

An optical illusion.

Blue mail.

There will be landscaping here soon. This is what the breakdown looks like.

Landscape design.

Bike parking.

The city park in Kolomna is probably the only one from which the "scruff of the urban" did not rise.

The park has an excellent landscape organization.

The loft. Wood and black paint. Thanks Behind the bench is an array of mountain ash trees. Don't pay attention to the brick. These are small things.

The loft as it is.

In landscaping, the hand of senior comrades from the gardening school, who understands arrays and sound planting material, is visible here.

An array of mountain pines. Super!

Kolomna is pleasant. I'll be going again soon)


March 19, 2024 05:01 pm



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