How Thailand became "closer" to Egypt

One can only sympathize with the "luck" of Egyptian resorts. But it is even more a pity for tourists who wanted to bask in the warm sun "somewhere nearby", but found themselves victims of the ban of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Jordan on the flight of planes with Russian insurance. Now the flight from Moscow to Sharm el-Sheikh will take 11 hours.

The closure of the sky was a surprise for iFly and NordWind airlines. As part of their flights, the country's largest travel agencies delivered their customers.

The ban came into force on December 15, which forced airlines to temporarily suspend flights from both Moscow, Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada while searching for a way out of the current situation. According to data at 5 p.m. on December 15, several thousand tourists were stuck at airports waiting for their flights.

According to a source close to the aviation industry, airlines have sent a request to open a 240-kilometer corridor in Syria, the sky of which was closed for flights to Egypt back in 2013.

Previously, flights may be delayed by 12 hours. Some airlines have started sending tourists on other flights, including transfers to Antalya.

On New Year's Eve, such problems can cause panic among tourists and lead to the cancellation of previously booked trips.

Overflight bans are becoming widespread: Laos recently closed the skies for Aeroflot, and Iran imposed a ban on AZUR Air, although this situation was resolved in a few days.

For reference, the flight from Moscow to Phuket takes 9 and a half hours. We have already written about the increased tourist flow to Thailand. And if the load of coastal hotels in October was 57%, in November 67%, now, in mid-December, it is 80%.


April 14, 2024 07:10 pm



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