Moroccan Culinary Arts Museum

Moroccan Culinary Arts Museum

The Moroccan Culinary Arts Museum in Marrakech is a must-visit for everyone interested in the history and culture of Moroccan cuisine. Located in a 19th-century palace at the heart of the old Medina, the museum offers visitors a glimpse into the world of Moroccan cuisine.

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Overview of Moroccan Culinary Arts Museum

The museum offers a comprehensive look at the art and science of Moroccan cuisine from traditional recipes to modern interpretations.

Moroccan couscous cooking

The museum is divided into two sections: historical and contemporary. In the historical section, visitors can learn about the history of Moroccan cuisine, from its ancient roots to its current status as a popular international cuisine.

The museum Exhibition

The museum exhibits a variety of artifacts, including ancient kitchenware, traditional recipes, and even old cookbooks. Visitors can also learn about the different ingredients used in Moroccan cuisine, such as saffron, thyme, and paprika.

Interior of the Moroccan Culinary Arts Museum

In the modern section, visitors can learn about current trends in Moroccan cuisine. This includes familiarity with various restaurants and chefs who create innovative dishes and aromas. Visitors can also learn about different techniques used in modern Moroccan cooking, such as sous vide, slow-cooking, and grilling.

Moroccan couscous cooking

The museum offers visitors various interactive activities. These include culinary workshops, demonstrations and even tastings. Visitors can also take part in various workshops and seminars on various aspects of Moroccan cuisine.

The museum restaurant

After visiting the museum, you can go up to the terrace where the restaurant is located.

Ticket prices

The ticket price depends on the type of ticket. 120 MAD if you plan to participate in tasting, 60 MAD - if you just want to explore the exhibition. Children under 12 years old can enter for free.

Opening hours

Every day from 9 am to 6 pm


May 22, 2023

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