The Boucharouite Museum in Marrakech

Boucharouite Museum

The Boucharouite Museum is dedicated to the unique trend of Moroccan carpet weaving. Located in a beautiful riad in the heart of the Medina, the museum tells about the history, culture and technology of creating "Boucharouit" carpets.

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Overview of Boucharouite Museum

The Boucharouit carpet is a Moroccan rag carpet that appeared more than fifty years ago in the Berber villages of Morocco. It is made from strips of ready-made clothing sewn on horizontal and vertical threads of a loom. – Gidza

The exposition of the Boucharouite Museum

The museum features Patrick de Maillard's collection of more than 200 vintage handmade carpets by Berber women. Visitors can learn about the history of this craft, learn about the various techniques used to create carpets, and learn the stories behind these products.

The museum also offers visitors workshops on carpet making. These classes are conducted by experienced craftsmen and provide an in-depth understanding of the craft. Visitors can learn about the various weaving techniques, the materials used and the symbolism underlying the drawings.

Cafe on the terrace of the Boucharouite Museum

There is a nice cafe on the roof of the riad.

Ticket prices

Admission is 40 MAD, children under 16 are free

Working hours

From Monday to Saturday from 09:30 to 18:00, Sunday is a day off


April 04, 2024

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