Slat al-Azama Synagogue in Marrakech

Slat al-Azama Synagogue

The Slat al-Azama Synagogue (The Lazama Synagogue) is a stunning example of the city's rich Jewish history. Located in the heart of the Mellah (Jewish quarter) Marrakech, the synagogue is an important historical site.

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Overview of Slat al-Azama Synagogue

The courtyard of the Slat al-Azama Synagogue

The synagogue was built by deportees from Spain in 1492, and is the oldest synagogue in Marrakech. It is a two-storey building with a beautiful courtyard and a large prayer hall. The synagogue is decorated with intricate tiles and colorful mosaics.

The Museum of the Jewish Community at the Slat al-Azama Synagogue

The synagogue is open to visitors who can explore the synagogue and learn about the history of the Jewish community of Marrakech. There is a small museum in the synagogue, which presents exhibits of the Jewish community.

The cost of the visit

Admission costs 10 MAD, and attendance at prayer services is free

Visit time

All days from 09:00 to 18:00, on Fridays from 09:00 to 16:00, on Saturdays and holidays, the synagogue is open only for prayer services


April 04, 2024

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