The Bahia Palace in Marrakech

Bahia Palace

The Bahia Palace is an astonishing example of Moroccan architecture that any traveler coming to the city must see. Built at the end of the 19th century, the palace was designed to become the most grand and luxurious residence in the city. Today, it is a popular tourist attraction offering visitors a peek into the past and an appreciation of Moroccan culture's beauty.

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Bahia Palace on map

Overview of Bahia Palace

The Bahia Palace was founded in the late 19th century by Si Moussa, the Grand Vizier of the Sultan, for his personal use. The palace is named after one of his wives.

The inner courtyard of the Bahia palace

The Bahia Palace consists of several buildings and internal courtyards, each of which has its own unique style and design.

Entry into the Bahia Palace

The main entrance is a majestic arch leading to a large inner courtyard with a central fountain.

One of the fountains in the Bahia Palace

Inner courtyard

The inner courtyard is surrounded by several buildings, including the main palace, the royal residence, and several smaller structures.

The courtyard of the Bahia Palace

The Bahia Palace is decorated with an elaborate stucco finish and colorful mosaics, as well as a multitude of gardens and fountains. On the palace grounds there is a garden of 8000m², where a large number of trees and shrubs grow.

Bahia Palace galleries

Interior of the Palace

The interior of the palace is as impressive as the exterior. The main palace is filled with richly decorated furniture, tapestries and works of art.

The Bahia Palace Fireplace Hall

The Royal Residence is adorned with intricate carvings and paintings and includes a large central hall with a fountain. In the small buildings there are a multitude of rooms, including a library, harem and mosque.

The lamps and unique ornaments on the ceiling of the Bahia Palace.

Cost of visiting

The cost is the same for all attendees and is 70 MAD.

Opening hours

Every day from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm


May 12, 2023

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