Burj Al Arab Hotel

Burj Al Arab

The famous luxury seven-star hotel with a spectacular design imitating a billowing sail. The hotel is built on its own island, what makes it look like a ship on sea. It is one of the symbols of Dubai.

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What is remarkable about the hotel

The interior of Burj Al Arab is filled with uncompromising chic: fountains, gold interior decoration, shiny marble and hot tubs, which your personal butler can fill with champagne.

A total of 199 luxury rooms are available, each of which has a butler assigned to it, ready to fulfill any request of guests around the clock.

The hotel has only 28 residential floors. Most of them have duplex apartments.

The interior of the hotel

Fountain in the atrium of the Burj Al Arab Hotel

The Burj al-Arab Hall is decorated with majestic columns 180 meters high, lined with white Italian marble Statuario. It is believed that Michelangelo created his Renaissance sculptures from the same material. The total area of the marble coating is 24,000 m2.

Gold in the decoration of the hotel

Stairs in the hotel room

The second feature of the hotel's interiors is 24–carat gold, which is the purest sort of gold.

Each of the 199 rooms provides a magnificent view of the Persian Gulf from the island.

The smallest apartments have an area of 170 m2, while the largest Royal Room occupies an entire floor — 780 m2.

The interior of the Burj Al Arab rooms:

Presidential Suite

Sleeping room in the Presidential Suite of the Burj Al Arab Hotel

Two-storey room with an area of 667 m2 in an exclusive design of gold and velvet. The room has two bedrooms, a large bathroom with hot tubs, a kitchen, a dining area for 8 people, a large living room, a separate room with a bar and even a library.

Deluxe Marina Suite

Interior of the Deluxe Marina Suite at the Parus Hotel

Two-storey Deluxe Marina Suite of 170 m2 with one bedroom and a view of the Dubai Marina.

Deluxe Palm Suite

Interior of the Deluxe Palm Suite at the Burj El Arab Hotel

Two-storey Deluxe Palm Suite with an area of 170 m2 with one bedroom and a view of the Palm Jumairah.

Sky Marina Suite

The interior of the Sky Marina Suite at the Burj El Arab Hotel

Two-storey Sky Marina Suite located at the top of the hotel with an area of 170 m2 with one bedroom and sea views.

Sky Palm Suite

The interior of the Sky Palm Suite at the Burj Al Arab Hotel

A two-storey room of 170 m2 with one bedroom overlooking the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina.

Panoramic Suite

Interior of the Panoramic Suite

Suite of 225 m2 with a view of sea.

Club One Bedroom Suite

Bar in the Club One Suite in Burj Al Arab

Duplex room of 330 m2 with one bedroom. This suite is designed for guests who plan to have a good time in the company of friends or business partners.

The room has a billiard room with a bar, a large number of sofas, a dining area for 6 people and stunning panoramic windows.

Family Deluxe Suite

The interior of the 'Family Deluxe' room

The family deluxe suite with two bedrooms with an area of 335 m2 is a two-storey duplex. It is divided into a children's and an adult parts.

There is a private playground for small children and a separate room that can accommodate a babysitter or accompanying staff. The room has a large dining area for 6 people.

Burj Suite with Two Bedrooms

Dining room in the Burj Suite

The room has an area of 335 m2, including its own kitchen, dining area, as well as a separate bedroom for a babysitter or accompanying staff.

Burj Suite with Three Bedrooms

Interior of the Burj Suite with Three bedrooms

The suite has an area of 670 m2. This is a large family suite with three bedrooms and three private living rooms and bathrooms next to each.

There is also a shared dining room for 6 people for families or large companies. The suite has a separate room with a bar, where you can invite guests from other rooms.

Diplomatic Suite

Interior of the Burj Al Arab Diplomatic Suite

The three-bedroom room is located on the ground floor, has its own terrace with access to the pools. The room area is 670 m2, which can accommodate up to 8 people.

The room has a unique design in blue tones, and an additional bonus is an individual transfer on luxury Rolls-Royces.

How to get inside

Futuristic interior of the Burj-Al-Arab Hotel

The hotel is a private territory and cares about the comfort of customers. If you are not a guest of the hotel, there are only two ways to see the beauty of the hotel from the inside: visit the Skyview Lounge restaurant or book a tour at the insides of the hotel.

Skyview Lounge Restaurant

Interior and panoramic view from the Skyview Lounge restaurant

The Skyview Lounge Restaurant is located on the 27th floor.

Visiting a restaurant has a number of specific rules:

The age of the visitor must be 16 years and older;

There must be a neat appearance. Shorts, beachwear and flip-flops are not allowed;

A deposit of 200 AED per guest is required.

Book a tour of the Burj Al Arab Hotel

Palm Hotel Lobby Tour

As part of an hour and a half tour, you will be guided through the famous Royal Suite on the 25th floor, which is now a museum.

You will be accompanied by a personal butler. In addition, you will be able to explore the hotel from the outside, visit the boutique in the hotel and get acquainted with the history of construction and selection of finishing materials.

The ticket price depends on the type of tour and starts from 249 AED.

Buy tickets for a tour of the Burj Al Arab Hotel

How to get to

The hotel is located on its own island 280m from the Dubai coastline and is connected to it by a bridge.

The most convenient way to get to the hotel is by taxi.

You can get from Dubai Marina by bus number 8, from Kite Beach by bus 8 and 81 along Jumeirah Beach Road.


November 21, 2023

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