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Unexpected laws of different countries that a tourist should know about


A tourist is a guest in any country, and must adhere to local rules, but these rules are not always taught to us from childhood. The laws of some countries are so amazing that sometimes it is even difficult to imagine that this is possible, but the rules are the rules and they must be followed. Before traveling, we recommend that you study the laws of the country where you are going to avoid awkward situations, fines and litigation.


A country with increasing popularity among tourists keeps a lot of subtleties and laws, so let's see what exactly you should not do in Thailand.

The Code of Laws prohibits tying an elephant, horse, buffalo and other animals to poles, and also prohibits tying boats, rafts and other similar items to telegraph poles. The violator faces a fine.

You can't wave a foreign flag. The placement of a foreign flag is allowed only on embassies and consulates. The violator faces 1 month in prison and/or a fine.

Do not insult members of the royal family and dignitaries. Slander, insult or threat to the heads of a foreign state is punishable by imprisonment for a term of 1 to 7 years and/or a fine. So be careful with your expressions.

You will have to pay a fine for throwing chewing gum on the sidewalk, so you should be cleaner.

In Thailand, it is considered an offense to step on national coins and banknotes with the image of members of the royal family.


Singapore is one of the most modern and fastest growing cities in the world. The authorities purposefully educate the local population and enhance the culture of citizens and tourists.

Singing in a public place is punishable by imprisonment for up to 3 months or a fine. Also in Singapore, you will have to pay 5 years in prison and a hefty fine for the pirated version of your favorite artist's new album.

You can't feed pigeons. If you get caught, such an action will cost you $500. And the thing is that the Singapore authorities believe that such assistance to birds harms their instincts, and, receiving food from humans, they will not be able to get it on their own.

Do not connect to an unsecured Wi-Fi network. Singapore's Cybersecurity and Computer Misuse Act regards such an action as hacking. The penalty for this is a fine of $5,000 dollars or 3 years in prison.

All elevators in Singapore are equipped with UDD (urine detection devices) that react to the smell, when turned on, such an alarm locks the doors until the police arrive. And the police officers who arrived will issue a fine of $ 500. Therefore, it is worth going only where it is necessary.

Get ready for jail time or a $1,000 fine for walking around in the nude at home, in Singapore this is equivalent to pornography.

It is forbidden to demonstrate homosexual relations here, the punishment for them in any form is 2 years in prison.


The country, which has 50 states, has its own laws in each of them, sometimes not quite ordinary :

It is forbidden to lick frogs in the city of Los Angeles. The law was passed due to the fact that the skin of some frogs contains hallucinogens. Those who wanted to catch frogs, so the authorities had to introduce such an unusual law.

In Florida, citizens over the age of 16 are not allowed to cover their faces with masks, hoods or other objects that prevent identification of their identity. It is not known for certain whether there were clarifications related to the epidemic.

You should not steal crayfish in the USA. If you steal other people's crayfish in Louisiana, get ready for the real deadline. If the amount of damage turned out to be less than 500 USD, you will spend up to 6 months in custody, and if the theft exceeded 1,500 USD, there is a chance to go to prison for 10 years. No kidding.

In Alaska, a person is prohibited from staying in a public place, drunk. Taking into account the temperature regime outside the premises in Alaska, it is worth thinking before ordering more drinks.

In Michigan, it is officially forbidden to throw octopuses.

In California, it is forbidden to carry dogs in an elevator.

In Louisiana, it is forbidden to shoot at cashiers with water pistols.


Australia is a very colorful country not only for its natural beauty and geographical qualities, but also for its characteristic laws:

In Australia, you have no right to appear on the street in pink shorts on Sundays.

For storing, buying or selling more than 50 kilos of potatoes in Western Australia, you can get a fine.

You will pay a $1,000 fine if you try to crush a can of beer between your breasts.

In South Australia, you will be charged $10,000 for disrupting a wedding or funeral ceremony.

Tying a goat or dog to a vehicle or harnessing animals to use them as traction. For violating this rule, you will have to pay about $800 fine.

According to the law, you can't just cause rain in Australia. This can only be done by a specialist who has received special permits, he can create rain clouds and change weather conditions. Otherwise, the person will be considered guilty of committing a crime and fined $ 1,000 or imprisoned for a period of 1 year.

You can not use charms and spells, engage in divination and witchcraft. The fine for such amateur activity will be about $800. Checkmate, tarologues.


Italy is a country with a rich historical heritage and vibrant culture. But there are nuances everywhere:

It is forbidden to feed pigeons in St. Mark's Square. The fine is about $600.

In Eraclia, it is forbidden to build sand castles on Venetian beaches, and it is also forbidden to collect shells.

Wooden shoes are not allowed in Capri, as they make a loud sound.

In Eboli, you will have to pay €500 if you are caught kissing in the car.

A selection of the strangest laws of the countries of the world

It is forbidden to land or park flying saucers throughout France.

In New Zealand, wild boars are under threat of trial, it is forbidden to dig up golf courses at night.

In China, it is illegal to help a drowning person, because this is interference in his fate. By the way, the taboo on touching the royal person was also accepted in Siam, when catastrophically none of those present could help the drowning queen. After the tragic incident, the law was revised.

In Nebraska (USA), it is forbidden to sell a bagel hole.

In Alaska, you can't wake up bears to take pictures of them, and it's also forbidden to throw live moose out of an airplane.


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