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What do you need to know before traveling to Thailand?


Thailand is a country with exotic resorts, snow–white beaches and an excellent climate. The most popular tourist country has many nuances that are better known before traveling. This memo will help you get acquainted with the traditions of the country, avoid awkward situations and spend your vacation safely.

Preparing for the trip

Thailand is a country of eternal summer, but the rainy season can make adjustments to your vacation. From mid-May to mid-October, Thailand has a rainy season and tropical cyclones. The rainiest months are August and September, so choose the right clothes and do not forget about the raincoat. To feel comfortable on excursions and walks, choose comfortable shoes.

Explore the information about the cities in detail: Pattaya, Bangkok

Thailand is a very popular destination for tourists from all over the world. It is better to book and pay for accommodation in advance, at the height of the season it can be difficult to find free places to stay.

Find a travel agency or guide who can offer guided tours or private tours. This can make travel easier and help you avoid unnecessary expenses.

Think about your trip. Create a route map by dividing the places you want to visit into points – planning will help you combine visits to nearby attractions.


Upon arrival in Thailand, take a car or a domestic flight to your destination – flights within the country are inexpensive and significantly save time. If you live relatively close to the airport, you can order a taxi, but be careful and keep an eye on the meter. Also in Thailand, the tuk–tuk motorcycle taxi is popular, here you can bargain with the driver about the price. It is better to use public transport at official bus stations or stations. Thailand's railways have only five branches: to Chiang Mai, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos and Cambodia. In Thailand, trains tend to be late, so it is better to assume alternate routes for moving.

Bangkok, Thailand


Thai baht is the currency of Thailand. It is better to exchange currency in official bank branches. In principle, payment by bank card is not popular in Thailand, you can pay with a foreign bank card in a large supermarket, and in small shops foreign cards are reluctantly accepted. Thailand is a country of cash. Russian bank cards are not accepted in Thailand.

Chinatown, Bangkok, Thailand

Basic rules for a tourist in Thailand

Keep valuables, documents and cash in the hotel safe or always keep an eye on them, many pickpockets are targeting tourists.

Swim only on official beaches and specially designated areas.

Have some change with you to pay for a taxi and negotiate the price at the beginning of the trip.

Be careful when communicating with unfamiliar people.

When visiting religious shrines, open clothing is inappropriate: shorts, sleeveless T-shirts, revealing dresses. If you come to the temple in this form, find out where you can get a special veil. Choose clothes with sleeves covering the shoulders, long trousers and skirts.

Be tolerant of the locals.

Do not take the word of imaginary guides offering services halfway to any attraction. The plot, as a rule, consists in the fact that the pseudo-guide informs that the attraction is closed today and suggests that you visit another one. This often ends up wasting time and money.

13 Things Not to Do in Thailand

Walking at night on the beach and other dark and unknown places. The consequences can be unpredictable

Do not give taxi drivers large bills, as they will never be able to give change.

Do not rent a motorbike or a car if you do not know how to drive them well.

Do not drink alcoholic beverages on the beach or on the street.

Buying, selling and using narcotic drugs in any form is a crime under Thai law and is sentenced to life imprisonment or even the death penalty.

Electronic cigarettes are banned in Thailand. Do not import or use them on the territory of the country. Violation is punishable by a fine or imprisonment

Do not smoke on the beaches of Thailand. The maximum penalty for violating the ban will be a year in prison or a fine.

It is not necessary to ask for directions by showing a point on the map, both on paper and on electronic. They are almost always sent to the wrong place, the Thais are not guided by them.

Never raise your voice at the locals, no rude statements or emotions are accepted in the country.

Do not buy jewelry, exotic leather goods, antiques with your hands – they will almost certainly try to deceive you.

Under no circumstances should you joke with the Thai police, this is prevented by the use of weapons.

Do not take valuables, documents and a large amount of money with you for a walk.

Foreigners walking down the street with a bare torso are perceived as ill-mannered people. Try to behave culturally.

If you have any problems, contact the local tourist police immediately.

Thai Police Car


Thai food is often spicy and spicy. If you don't like it, just tell the seller or waiter "know spice" and then you will be served a dish with less spice.

Thai spices

Thailand is a wonderful country with good–natured people. The presence of deceivers among the local population is boldly compensated by a huge number of disinterested people. The arrogance, rudeness and deceptions that you may encounter are the exception rather than the rule. The atmosphere of Thai serenity will allow you to enjoy your vacation and leave with good memories. The main thing is to be careful and prudent!

Have a good rest!


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