What is duty-free and what purchases can be made here


I think many travelers have been to airports more than once and paid attention to duty-free shops. In this post, we will tell you what duty-free is and what you can buy in them. 

What is duty free?

Duty-free shops are duty-free shops located at airports and border crossings. They sell various sweets, souvenirs, jewelry, accessories and much more. In most duty-free shops, sales are carried out in a limited amount per person and strictly upon presentation of a boarding pass upon payment. You can just walk around the duty-free shops while waiting for your flight, even if you don't plan to buy anything. 

What you can buy in duty-free

The most popular purchase in duty-free shops is water and drinks that can be carried on the plane.

For those who like to sleep on the plane, many duty-free shops offer neck pillows, including for children.

Chocolate is the most popular product in duty–free; you can buy it on the road or as a gift.

Perfumes and cosmetics in duty-free shops create such a fascinating fragrance that it will be difficult to resist buying.

It can be chilly on the plane, so take a closer look at the wide selection of blankets that are also found in duty-free shops.

If you are at an airport in another country, take a closer look at souvenirs – often at airports you can find unique products that you will not find in ordinary souvenir shops.

Have a good trip! Please yourself, your friends and relatives with souvenirs and gifts! 


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Spirits are a direct attack. Every time I came to my senses in the hands of a bottle. And I wasn't going to buy it)