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Where to see the most beautiful sunsets in the world


Most travelers like not only adventures, incredible landscapes, but also places where you can see the most beautiful sunsets. In this post, you will find out where you can enjoy the sunset.

Santorini Island, Greece

Sunset in Oia (Oya)

Santorini Island used to be called Strongili, which means "round". The unusual architecture of the city invites you to visit it more than once. It is worth seeing the black volcanic sand on Santorini beach overlooking the Aegean Sea. The last time the volcano closest to the city woke up was in 1950. The island is pleasant to visit with family and friends, the tourist season lasts from April to October, at this time the weather is comfortable, about +20°C, the water temperature in summer is about +16°C. We also recommend visiting the city of Oia, which is famous for its numerous churches, each of which is of great importance. There is no fresh water in Santorini, residents desalinate seawater for all needs. Sunsets on the island of incredible beauty, in the evening all the houses are illuminated and cause an indescribable feeling.

Stonehenge, England

The historical monument Stonehenge, on the southern side of England, consists of 30 hewn stones lying on top of each other, forming a circle with a diameter of 33 meters, a height of just over 4 meters, weighing about 25 tons. The history of the monument's creation has not been solved so far. It was built about 4,000 years ago BC by ancient druid priests and was used as a temple, but this is just a guess. Now the monument is popular with tourists, travelers and lovers of incredible sunsets, which can only be seen in Stonehenge of such beauty. The monument is included in the list of UNESCO protected sites.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The huge city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, which many mistakenly consider the capital. It is the second largest city in Brazil. The statue of Christ the Redeemer, 38 meters high, is popular. The beach culture is very developed, as most tourists relax on Copacabana and Ipanema beaches. Many people know Rio because of the famous annual carnival. The city's population is over 6,000,000. Incredible landscapes of the city, the most beautiful sunsets, it's all in Rio de Janeiro!


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