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Probably, a very large percentage of people will agree that Adler is a very loyal city, in which you feel at home on the next street for the second time. That's what he's good at.

Caring gardeners tie up their pets.

The embankment seems deserted. But this is not because there is no one. Everything is there. It just seems like it. In fact, there are always a lot of people in Adler.

Don't be afraid to get hungry. There are a lot of establishments on the embankment. And fast food. And mulled wine.

The restaurant "Magellan" attracted by the design of the facade.

Beautiful curb. And by color. And by volume. And as usual envy is empty of climatic conditions. Although in winter it's so-so. It's chilly.

Hookah cafe with sea view.


Something elite.

Dolls. Gardeners swaddle their pets for the winter. A scooter bike path.

A good combination.

Gardeners tie up their pets.

A stone composition.

R. Mzymta.

The "cheese factory" usually does not need advertising.

A little bit of Fisht Stadium in the night illumination.

Adler and Imeretinka are a lively and lively place. If you are lonely and want a lot of people around, then the embankment is the best place to be in the flow of people. The promenade as it is.

I probably need to write about the stadium separately. I still haven't understood about the use of this territory.

There is also an arboretum in Adler. Right next to the Imereti hotel complex.

There will be more posts. We visited here quite actively. Once we even celebrated the New Year here 🎅🎄🍾


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