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Pyatigorsk and its neighbors


Pyatigorsk is a place where all the joys for grandmothers are preserved, fresh clean air and beautiful landscapes.

Pyatigorsk Necropolis is a temple-cemetery on the outskirts of Pyatigorsk, featuring old crumbling graves, the grave of Lermontov, and overgrown monuments.

At burials of people of different nationalities and faiths, it is visible that there are contrasts between the location and design of the graves.

A failure is an underground lake consisting of those very mineral waters, the beauty of which captures both the sight and the smell. For the lovers of the smell of rotten eggs, at the exit and further down the hill there are shameless baths of the same 'therapeutic, magical, fragrant' water, in which anyone wishing can be purified and 'wash away all diseases'.

Pyatigorsk, Essentuki, Mineralnye Vody and Kislovodsk are the places where you can easily try all the mineral waters you buy in stores, but not from a bottle but directly from the springs. There are plenty of such springs, not too far apart. They are all in those towns and suburbs, and the convenient new electric train runs between the cities. It's tasty, fresh and, of course, free - that's always nice!

Most mineral water springs look like a sanatorium, they don't always smell nice...but they are beautiful and cozy. People have whole businesses in their glasses, so it's better to carry money with you.

Overall, traveling to Pyatigorsk and its nearby towns is a good relaxing, and in some places, healing vacation. I would recommend choosing a sanatorium there and going to rest. Since the towns can be viewed in a day or two and there is not much to do there, except for a marathon visit to all the springs.

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Lana Gardmann
September 16, 2022 08:03 am
I was in Pyatigorsk in 1988, it seems. It would be necessary to refresh.
Piter Row
September 16, 2022 05:53 am
I've tried drinking this water – I've never tried anything more disgusting. And there was some kind of warm one - it's still nothing, but everything else is just terrible. I don't know what it's useful for, but I'm sure the body reacts to odors for a reason, protecting a person from poisoning.
Lana Gardmann
September 15, 2022 11:57 pm
And this is in winter?
September 16, 2022 01:34 am
february. it's spring in the city, winter in the mountains)