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The 10 Most Adventurous Trips around the World


The traveler lives by impressions. We offer a selection of adventurous ideas where you will need courage, interest, risk and a desire to get strong emotions!

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1. Greenland

Greenland is considered expensive and difficult to access, but traveling there is worth the effort, especially since it is one of the most pristine landscapes on the planet. On a cruise tour, you can get acquainted with the age-old icebergs and glaciers plying the mainland. Visiting Greenland is an incredible and inspiring experience. You can see the icy wonders of the "green land", feel the hot breath of island life and feel like a real discoverer in Greenland.

2. Cappadocia in Turkey

An unforgettable hot air balloon flight over the Cappadocia region in central Turkey provides an all–round view of the famous limestone spires and "fabulous chimneys" - something that you cannot see from ground level. Hot air balloon travel is quite a popular entertainment all over the world, but we recommend the Turkish route, because it is here that you can watch the most romantic sunsets, beautiful landscapes from a bird's eye view and get unforgettable emotions!

3. Diving at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

Remember the cartoon about Nemo fish and go to the Great Barrier Reef, which stretches for 2,300 km along the northeastern coast of Australia - this is a place that you need to see with your own eyes at least once in your life.

There are more than 400 different species of corals and 1,500 species of fish in this unique underwater reserve, but you should hurry up, because this miracle of nature is gradually being destroyed, coral colonies are dying due to global warming. This means that our descendants may not find this unique creation of nature. Therefore, rather buy fins and scuba gear and go to Australia. It will definitely bring you a lot of emotions!

4. Safari in Botswana

Those who remember the cartoon about Simba will be invited guests in Botswana – safari is a prerequisite for both beginners and experienced travelers. Due to the unique landscape and the wealth of local flora and fauna, you can see stray elephants, antelopes, cheetahs and many other animals on safari. The sensations are not comparable to visiting zoos, here you will have to wait, search, observe and admire the living life of the savannah!

5. Search for the Northern Lights

Ah, that elusive northern lights! So many factors play a role when it comes to the phenomenon: technology, location, time of year, weather conditions - it's so easy not to find it with an excursion to places with the best views and hotels. The Aurora borealis does not leave anyone indifferent. This large-scale celestial phenomenon is amazing and will be remembered for a long time, if not forever. Look for the northern lights in the north, read more about the places in our article.

Northern lights

6. Boat under Iguazu Falls in South America

Iguazu Falls in South America, located on the border of Brazil and Argentina, is so majestic compared to others that all the others look like streams against its background. The system of more than 200 cascades can be seen from the surrounding tracks and catwalks, but we recommend a more adventurous viewpoint – an inflatable boat in the Iguazu jungle, floating directly under the rumbling streams of the waterfall. It's just breathtaking! Be sure to test it for yourself.

7. The Conquest of Fuji

The lonely Mount Fuji or Fujiyama is probably the most iconic natural wonder of Japan, towering 3,776 m above the villages and reflected in the mirrors of the lakes. From the slopes of Fuji, you can get fantastic views of attractions such as Lake Kawaguchi in Fujikawaguchiko and even Hyatt Park in Tokyo. The mountain is suitable not only for experienced climbers, but also for interested tourists who have the strength and courage.

8. Sailing through the cenotes of Mexico

Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula is notable for its wealth of unique natural beauty, especially when it comes to its cave cenotes. Swimming in one of these natural sinkholes is an incredible experience, as is diving into underground cave systems. While in Tulum, visit Dos Ojos ("Two Eyes") to see one of the most beautiful underwater places on the planet or the Gran Cenote for rock formations reminiscent of Gothic architecture.

9. Paragliding over the Blue Lagoon in Oludeniz, Turkey

Oludeniz has one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey, with pebble shores and a blue lagoon with aquamarine water. The beach is also one of the best places in the world for paragliding due to the stable weather and magnificent panoramic views. The launch site is located on Mount Babadag, with jump points reaching 1,829 m above sea level. This amazing flight will bring you the most beautiful views and unforgettable emotions!

10. Surfing on the dunes in the Sahara in Africa

The dunes of the Sahara are colossal, untouched and adapted for extreme sports. The rows of desert dunes have ideal shapes for sand surfing (downhill on a board) and sandboarding (downhill on a sandboard). Such entertainment will bring you a lot of joy and adrenaline! Unforgettable!


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