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Vish-list: where to go on a beach holiday in 2024


The geography of travel for Russians has recently undergone some changes: the locations available for light tourism have moved away, and distant places, on the contrary, have become closer. Which resorts are worth visiting in 2024 in order not to deny yourself a good rest, you will find out in this review.


As always, starting in January, traditional destinations will become favorite for Russians to visit: the UAE, Egypt, Maldives, Seychelles, Cuba, Venezuela and a number of other countries offering beach holidays.


Khor Fakkan Beach, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Luxury hotels, warm sea, lots of entertainment — the tourism industry of the Arab Emirates is extensive and accessible. Each of the emirates is unique and, knowing the specifics, you can easily choose a place for both a family vacation and a romantic or solo trip. In winter, it is more pleasant to swim in Ras al Khaimah and Fujairah in the Emirates, since the water in the Persian Gulf is very warm. Dubai is the leader in all positions and remains out of competition when choosing a place to stay. Sharjah offers a mild climate in winter and pleases with prices, while Ajman, the smallest Emirate, will create peace and comfort for secluded vacations. Abu Dhabi attracts with exclusive service and infrastructure, but is considered the most expensive emirate. Umm al-Kaywain offers a more modest tourist infrastructure, but it has authentic nature and a very pleasant sea.


Phi Phi Islands, Krabi, Thailand

The image of a fairy tale paradise with snow-white sands, azure sea and coconut palms has been firmly established in the best resorts of Thailand. Phuket Island, the most popular tourist destination in Thailand, has become a legend.

The cleanest and most organized beaches in Phuket are considered to be Patong, Karon and Kata.The beaches of Surin and Kumala have a more relaxing holiday, it is mainly chosen by families with children and the elderly.Koh Chang Island has gained fame as a place where you can escape from civilization, and Koh Samui with its picturesque surroundings remains in the memory of those who visited it forever.

One of the youngest resorts in Thailand, Krabi, has gained fame as an excellent place for windsurfing and rock climbing. If you plan to relax in Bangkok, then Pattaya and the nearby islands of Koh Lan and Koh Rin will be the place for a beach holiday. And Hua Hin is worth a visit to take a break from the city noise and retire to nature.



The business card of the absolute beach holiday is the Maldives. Canonical snow–white plazas, luxurious palm trees and crystal clear sea are a dream for most beach lovers.

The most popular resorts of the Maldives: North Male Atoll the main archipelago of the Maldives, consisting of 50 islands, South Male Atoll, consisting of 30 islands, Adu Atoll — the southernmost place of the Maldives are also known for their magnificent beaches and lush tropical nature.

Ari Atoll is suitable for windsurfing enthusiasts, parasailers and divers. And for connoisseurs of wildlife, an incomparable pleasure will be a vacation on Daalu Atoll – picturesque lagoons and unique vegetation will forever be imprinted in the traveler's heart.

Laviani Atoll, which has 63 coral islands, will be a real discovery for divers.


Morrocoy National Park, Tucacas, Venezuela

The Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, with water temperatures not falling below 26 ° C, make Venezuela very attractive for beach holidays for tourists.

The main seaside resort of Venezuela is considered to be Porlamar, located on Margarita Island. The island itself has 315 km of exquisite beaches with excellent hotel service.

While vacationing in continental Venezuela, it is worth visiting the island of Trinidad. The island of Aruba is not inferior in terms of beach service and is also very popular with tourists.

The Los Roques Archipelago is a place of peaceful relaxation, surrounded by a ring of coral reefs. The sea here is unreal transparency. And this is a real paradise for diving enthusiasts.

The capital of Venezuela, Caracas, also provides a wonderful beach service. The island of Koche, a paradise, hosts a string of windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts. Ideal conditions have been created here for these sports.


Cuba, Mayarí

Cuba is associated in the hearts of our compatriots with Havana cigars, rum and brave leaders of the revolution. And a beach holiday in Cuba offers almost ideal conditions for quality leisure activities.

Varadero, one of the most popular beaches on the island, is considered one of the largest resort areas in the Caribbean. Almost all beaches in Cuba, with the exception of those belonging to hotels, are owned by the municipality and have free access for tourists.

The Guanabo beach area is simpler in the resort sense: there are no hotels here, but bungalows on the coast are offered as accommodation. The wildest beach on the north coast is considered to be Cayo Leviza. There is no civilization here, and you can only get to the beach by water. There is an incredible nature here!

The beach resorts of Ancona and Maria Aguilar are located in the waves of the Caribbean Sea. There is a developed beach infrastructure and several dozen diving centers.

The only place in Cuba where there are no municipal beaches is the island of Caia Largo, where all the beaches belong to hotels. The most famous Cuban restaurant, The Ranchons, is located on this island.



Seychelles is a paradise in the heart of the Indian Ocean, consisting of 115 islands, of which only 30 are recognized as inhabited. This is a recognized place for lovers of romantic vacations and newlyweds.

The largest island of the archipelago, Mahe, is famous for its numerous beaches. The most crowded of them is Beauvallon. The pride and business card of Praslin Island are huge coconuts resembling a human heart in shape.

La Digue Island is known for its incredible granite cliffs, Eagle's Nest Mountain and national Park.

And there are island hotels in the Seychelles: Frigate, Silhouette, Desroches, Surf, St. Anne's Island and Denise.

When planning a foreign beach holiday, specify the visa conditions and flight routes for Russians. Have a nice beach holiday!


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