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Unofficial names of cities in Russia and the world


In many countries, alternative names or abbreviations appear over time. Some of them characterize the features of the city better than the name itself. Here is a list of the most common names of cities.

Russian cities and their folk names


"The Third Rome." The idea originated under Grand Duke Vasily III, and its author was the elder Philotheus from the city of Pskov. The bottom line is that Russia, as a stronghold of Orthodoxy, is the heir to the Roman Empire and Byzantium. And Moscow, its capital, is the "Third Rome". The second Rome, as you know, was Constantinople.


Ivanovo is called the "City of brides" – a city in the Moscow region, which is famous for the textile industry. After the war, mostly women worked in factories in Ivanovo, which is why this name has grown to the city


"Venice of the North" Both cities were built on marshes, they have many canals. St. Petersburg is located north of Moscow, and Venice is in the north of Italy. St. Petersburg or St. Petersburg are also short abbreviations from the name St. Petersburg, which you can find everywhere.


The city of Arkhangelsk in the north of Russia is called the "gateway to the Arctic", because it was from here that the development of the Arctic expanses began from the shores of the White Sea


Murmansk is the "Capital of the Arctic" because it is located beyond the Arctic Circle, among the endless hills on the shore of the Kola Bay. By the way, Murmansk is inhabited by Murmansk residents and Murmansk women.


"The gateway to Asia", "The Capital of the Urals", "The City of the Future", "Ekb" – what names Yekaterinburg does not have. In addition, the city is on the list of contenders for the informal title of "The Third Capital of Russia", but here, as you know, it will have to compete with Lukhovitsy)


Krasnodar was called "Our little Paris" by the light hand of the writer Likhnosov, and "The Dog's capital" according to the poet Mayakovsky, and "The Hospitable heart of Kuban". The "Southern Capital of Russia" remains the most popular to this day


Sochi is considered to be the "Pearl of the Black Sea" and the "Summer Capital of Russia" – the most famous and popular resort city on the Black Sea coast of Russia.

Capitals and cities of the world and their unofficial names


Rome, the capital of Italy, is called the "eternal city" because the Roman Empire is one of the most ancient empires in the world. Rome continues to flourish, despite the fact that the generations that built it and numerous destructive wars replace each other. Rome also has the name "City on seven hills": Palatine, Capitoline, Quirinal, Aventine, Viminal, Esquiline and Celia. By the way, Moscow also claims to be the "city on seven hills" and this expression appeared just at the time of the emergence of the concept of the "Third Rome".


"The City of two seas and three Empires"this is the name the famous Turkish city received because of the seas surrounding it: Marble and Black, and was the capital of three great empires: Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman.


Milan is the "Capital of Fashion". The Italian city is the center of fashion shopping, where shopaholics leave fortunes, and fashion designers inspire themselves to new trends. Milan is one of the most famous centers of the fashion industry in the world, setting the style and dictating trends and rules.

Milan Cathedral. Milan, Italy


The capital of France is called the "city of love", and for good reason. All the great artists, poets, writers, musicians, philosophers flocked to Paris for inspiration and romance back in the 18th century, and they still go for it. It is believed that romance reigns where art is born, and the biggest example is the city itself. Hence the name.

The Louvre. Paris, France


Geneva is considered the "capital of the world" in Switzerland, because its territory is home to residents from 187 other countries of the world, in addition, the largest number of headquarters of international organizations is located here, more than in any other city in the world.


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