When not everything is included in the "all inclusive" program. Turkey introduces a tourist tax.

From January 1, 2023, Turkey introduces a tourist tax. Now, unless you plan to spend the night in a tent, get ready to fork out for an additional 2% of the cost of accommodation and any services provided by the hotel, hostel, guest house, apartment hotel and even a catering.

The accrual will be based on the actual overnight stay. If you have rented a room, but for some reason decided to shorten your stay in it, the tax will be calculated only for each night spent in it.

And as part of the new rule, all services provided by hoteliers during their stay fall under tax in Turkey: you will need to pay an additional 2% for a mini-bar, breakfast, lunch and dinner in a restaurant, for laundry services and even a transfer, if it is paid through a legal entity of the hotel.

The tax is paid in excess of the services rendered, so you should not expect it to "fit" into the total cost of services. If you are planning a vacation with the purchase of an all-inclusive tour, you will most likely have to pay the tax additionally at the hotel.

⚡️Clarifications from December 16 , 2022

Our editorial board has received clarifications on the details of taxation:

Nevertheless, they decided to "enter" the tax into the cost, due to which it will be paid by the one who receives income from renting housing. For a tourist, a 2-night stay will simply rise%

The tax will not be charged for services that were not included in the original booking, that is, if you booked the night and tomorrow, the tax will be applied to accommodation and breakfast. But if you use the laundry, the tax will not be applied.

If you decide to use the services of a hotel without accommodation (yes, you can do that too, but few people know about it), the tax will not be applied.

The tax will not be applied when organizing a wedding by the hotel, in the case of accommodation of organized student groups, in social institutions and when accommodating diplomats

A similar approach is practiced in many countries of the world, for example, in Switzerland the tax is about 2.2 euros per night, in Portugal about 2 euros, in Amsterdam 7% of the cost of a hotel room. In Dubai, the cost consists of a municipal tax of 7%, a service fee of 10%, a sales tax of 5% and a tourist fee, which depends on the level of the hotel and is about 23%. That is, if you decide to rent a Presidential Suite in Burj Al Arab for $11,000/night, prepare another $500 for taxes.

But even against the background of Dubai, where the average cost of a five-star hotel does not exceed $300 per night (the tax will be about $ 70), Bhutan's fixed tourist tax will shock you.

It is considered the highest in the world and is $250/night. It is especially felt against the background of the cost of living, which on average does not exceed $ 50 per night. The only good thing is that it includes tickets to all the attractions, transport, meals and even guide services.


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