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Sveti Stefan


The planet is full of beautiful places, they are all different and authentic. A special impression is left by places where the threads of associations are woven into the space and dissolve your identity completely. Without a trace.

Ceramic houses. As in the picture.

One of these places can be called Sveti Stefan in Montenegro.

Now Sveti Stefan is a tourist attraction, a hotel city with a luxury sticker and a closed territory, you can only get there if you are a guest of the hotel. Well, or we booked a table at a restaurant. You will have to pay for viewing beauty from the inside.

The island of St. Stephen is located 5 km from Budva and is connected to the land by a small isthmus. The most popular souvenir magnet looks exactly like this.

In addition to the island itself, Sveti Stefan includes a small village with a stunning park, offering absolutely stunning views.

The population of the village of Sveti Stefan in 2011 was 364 people.

St. Stephen's Island is an amazing and blissful place. It is very cozy and incredibly photogenic. It is pleasant to the heart and very beautiful to the eyes.

The color of the water in these places is the color of eternity. Don't say that eternity is colorless. It is turquoise and transparent.

Sveti Stefan is named so in honor of the patron saint, the holy martyr, the Apostle Stephen.

It is believed that the Holy Apostle the First Martyr and Archdeacon Stephen was the eldest of the seven deacons appointed by the apostles themselves. He is often called the archdeacon. He was a Christian first martyr and suffered for Christ at the age of about 30.

The walls of the fortress on the island of Sveti Stefan

Those who live in the rocks know how to build from stone, as if it were so.

The coastal fortification of Sveti Stefan.

The fortress walls of Sveti Stefan.

Sveti Stefan used to be a simple fishing village.

View of the Sveti Wall from the side of Budva.

You will not miss Sveti Stefan if you stop in Budva, Przno or even in a Bar. A walk along the coast overlooking gingerbread island, the royal beaches of Milocher and a stunning park is what a traveler tired of expectations needs so much! You will like it, that's for sure ;)


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