The city in Latvia is located on the Baltic Sea coast near the mouth of the Venta River, north of Liepaja and west of Riga. Due to this location of the city, it is actively used for port purposes. The Venta River flows through the city. The city is called the flower and cow capital.

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Ventspils is one of the oldest cities in Latvia. His education is connected with the foundation of the castle of the Livonian Order at the end of the 13th century. At that time, the settlement was called Vindau. The name of the city translates literally as "castle on Venta".

The main building of the railway station in Ventspils, Latvia

What to see

The first thing that surprises in Ventspils is cows. After two Cow parades in Ventspils, 28 sculptures of cows of different sizes and colors created by Latvian and foreign artists can be seen in the city. They are a kind of distinctive and business card of the city. Tourists walking around Ventspils collect a collection of photographs with different cows. This is probably the most unusual place in the whole Baltic States!

The old town of Ventspils has retained its historical layout. Of the medieval buildings, only the castle of the Livonian Order remains to be visited. The heart of the old town is the Town Hall Square. The main attractions of the square are the Lutheran Church of St. Nicholas, built in the 19th century in the classical style and the House of Crafts.

Ventspils cows, Ventspils, Latvia

What to do

In Ventspils, you can do traditional tourist excursions, as well as find other entertainment for yourself, for example:

Count all the cows and make a collection of photos with them;

Take a walk in the seaside park and walk along the anchor trail;

Walk along the 8-kilometer nature trail of Lake Bushnieku;

Meet the sunset on the cliff in Staldzen;

Find the boot and hat of Lutausis in the garden of Renka.

How to get

From Riga to Ventspils is about 160 kilometers away, if you do not have a rented car that can be reached in two hours, then there are other options to get to Ventspils.

The first option is a bus that departs from the main bus station in Riga and will travel along the route for about three hours. The second option is an electric train from Tukums, but you first need to get to Tukums by bus, this way will take four hours but will be more comfortable, and a stop in Tukums gives you the opportunity to see another interesting city.

Buses to Ventspils also run from Liepaja, Kuldiga and other major cities of Latvia. There is an airport in Ventspils, located five kilometers from the city center, so you can fly there by direct flight from Riga or other European countries.

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March 31, 2024

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