The best Museums in Latvia

Museum in Liepaja
Liepaja museum
The museum's exhibits reflect the history of Liepaja since the founding of the city, as well as the way of life and traditions of the inhabitants of Kurzeme....
Museum in Kuldiga
Live Museum “The story of Ancient Kuldiga”
An unusual and fascinating museum. There are 7 rooms, each of which hosts performances in the dark. The roles of historical figures are played by holograms...
Museum in Jelgava
Jelgava Museum of History and Art
The building of the Jelgava Museum is known by the historical name Academia Petrina. The museum expositions tell about the most important historical events of...
Museum in Daugavpils
Janis Rainis House in Birkineli
This place in Latvia is known as the childhood homeland of the poet Janis Rainis. For nine years, Birkineli was the habitat of the future poet. His school...
Museum in Daugavpils
Daugavpils Shot Foundry
Daugavpils skrošu rūpnīca is the only ammunition factory in the Baltic States open to tourists, which houses Europe's oldest, still operating, shotgun tower....
Museum in Daugavpils
Mark Rothko Art Center
Daugavpils Marka Rotko mākslas centrs is a center for contemporary Art and culture in Daugavpils. It is located in the building of the Arsenal of the...
Museum in Ventspils
Seaside Open-air Museum
The Ventspils Open-air Museum (Ventspils Brīvdabas Muzejs) is mainly dedicated to the history of fishing. Here you can get acquainted with the traditions and...