The best Cathedrals in Latvia

The cathedral in Liepaja
The Naval Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Nicholas
The construction of еhe Naval Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Nicholas began in 1900. The cathedral was consecrated on August 22, 1903, and was attended by the...
The cathedral in Liepaja
Holy Trinity Cathedral Liepaja
The Holy Trinity Cathedral Liepaja houses the world's largest mechanical organ, which has not been reconstructed, and a 55-meter-high tower offers a wonderful...
The cathedral in Koknese
Koknese Lutheran Church
The Koknese Evangelical Lutheran Church was built in 1687. During the war, the church was destroyed, subsequently underwent restoration work, and in 1731...
The cathedral in Jelgava
Cathedral of the Immaculate Virgin Mary
The Cathedral of the Immaculate Virgin Mary began to be built during the time of Duke Frederick in 1630-1635. However, the construction was completed much...
The cathedral in Jelgava
St Simeon and St Anne's Cathedral
The Orthodox Cathedral of St. Simeon and St Anna in Jelgava belongs to the Riga Deanery of the Riga Diocese of the Latvian Orthodox Church of the Moscow...
The cathedral in Daugavpils
Boris and Gleb Cathedral
The Daugavpils Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Princes Boris and Gleb (Daugavpils Borisa un GļEba pareizticīgo katedrāle) is the main Orthodox church of the...