Hin Muang Reef Rocks

Hin Muang

Two underwater cliffs to the west of the Hin Daeng dive site are the most interesting place for divers all over the world. The reef rocks of Hin Muang are purple-purple in color due to colonies of soft corals. The shape of the reefs is narrow and long, like a French baguette. Hin Muang is a real underwater oasis in the vast Andaman Sea.

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Overview of Hin Muang

Hin Muang Reef Rocks

There are several reefs with ledges on the sides, ending in a sandy bottom at a depth of 45 to 60 meters. The cliffs of Hin Muang are rich in underwater flora and fauna. This place attracts a lot of pelagic fauna, such as sea devils, whale sharks, which is especially pronounced during the plankton bloom around the end of March and early April.

Hin Muang Reef Rocks

There are mooring buoys on the surface of the Hin Muang diving spot near the reefs. One of the buoys is located to the west, at the site of the split of the rock formation. In the area of this buoy there is an amazing carpet of anemones at a depth of about 8 meters, which is the shallowest place of this dive spot. A number of underwater peaks at a level from 12 to 18 meters deep are located near another buoy.

Hin Muang Reef Rocks

The difficulty of diving in Hin Muang is not only in sufficiently deep depths, but also in strong currents. The place is located in the open sea, weather conditions can change dramatically and unpredictably, so this spot is suitable for experienced divers.


April 02, 2024

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