Koh Chang

Koh Chang

Koh Chang Island (Ko Chang or Koh Chang) is one of the largest islands in Thailand, administratively belonging to the province of Trat (Trat), is allocated to a separate amphe Koh Chang. The island received this name for the similarity of its outlines to a lying elephant: "ko– in Thai is an island, "chang" is an elephant.

Koh Chang on map


Koh Chang Island, Trat, Thailand

When to relax on Koh Chang

The high season on Koh Chang lasts from mid-October to mid-April. During this period, the weather in the province is dry, clear, windless, and the sea is calm. The low season is from May to the end of September. All tropical crops are in full bloom, but this is the monsoon season and stormy seas.

What to see

The attractions of Koh Chang Island include the amazing waterfalls of Tan Mayom (Namtok Than Mayom), Khlong Phlu (Khlong Phlu), Kiri Pet (Khiri Phet Waterfall), Klong Nyong (Klong Nueng Waterfall), Nang Yom (Nang Yom Waterfall), Klong Nonsi (Klong Nonsi)

Klong Nonsi Waterfall (Namtok Klong Nonsi), Mu Koh Chang National Park, Koh Chang, Thailand

Bang Bao Fishing Village is one of the largest fishing settlements on Koh Chang Island. Besides it, there is also Salak Phet and Rong Than, located on the shore of Salak Pet Bay. Most tourists visit these places for excellent fresh seafood and exciting shopping. Salak Pet has an amazing mangrove forest, Salak Phet Mangrove Forest, where you can take an unforgettable hike.

Mu Ko Chang National Marine Park is located in the eastern part of Thailand. Its territory is about 650 square kilometers, of which almost 200 square kilometers. km are overland. The park includes about 52 islands. The most interesting part of the park belongs to the archipelago of Chang Island.

You can join spirituality at the main shrine of Koh Chang Chao Po (Chao Por Koh Chang Shrine) literally "Holy Father Koh Chang" – one of the oldest spiritual centers.

The legendary Memorial to the heroes of the naval battle (Memorial to the heroes of the naval battle). A battle between French and Thai naval forces took place here, and a ship of the Thai Royal Navy was sunk during the fateful battle. This place will be very interesting for diving enthusiasts — there are coral reefs with many inhabitants near the remains of the sunken ships Songkla and Chonburi in Salak Phet Bay.

Beaches on Koh Chang

Koh Chang Coastline, Trat, Thailand

Koh Chang Island is ideal for a beach holiday. It is for the sake of beautiful "bounty" beaches, warm sea, clean water, untouched wild jungles that tourists come to Koh Chang.

The best beaches of Koh Chang are: Klong Son (Ao Klong Son), Had Sai Khao (White Sand Beach or Had Sai Khao), Klong Prao (Klong Prao), Nat Tha Nam (Nat Tha Nam), known as Lonely Beach.

The most popular beach area is traditionally considered to be the White sands Beach of Haad Sai Khao (White Sand Beach or Haad Sai Khao). There is a well-developed infrastructure and high service.

Bang Bao, Koh Chang

Kai Bae Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in Koh Chang. It is surrounded by mountains and coconut groves. The beach area is cultivated and well maintained, the beach is suitable for families with children, but sometimes during low tide the water goes far from the shore.

Also, few tourists appreciate the wild Wai Chek beach – there is absolutely no civilization here, only beautiful untouched nature. A real place for a secluded vacation.

What to do on Koh Chang

Koh Chang Island is a whole sea of entertainment and adventures that will allow you to fully enjoy your vacation. Koh Chang is a real paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Water sports are available on almost every beach: kayaking, water skiing, surfing, canoeing, night boat trips – the whole range of water attractions will not make adrenaline lovers bored at White Sand Beach.

Parasailing in Kai Bae Bay, diving and snorkeling on nearby islands — Koh Wai, Koh Rang and others. Fishing on Koh Chang is a special pleasure: fishing is prohibited for tourists in the national park, so you can visit day and night fishing after spending 4-5 hours at sea and returning with a catch.

Four villages on Koh Chang offer elephant riding. Two of them are located along the main road to Klong Prao, another one is on the way to Klong Plu Waterfall, and the last one is inland.

Ban Kwan Elephant Trekking Camp on Koh Chang Island, Thailand

One of the attractions for tourists on the island — the Monkey Show at Koh Chang Monkey School on White Sand Beach will give you a lot of unforgettable emotions.

Rope Adventure Park — Tree Top Adventure Park is a place where you can have fun with the whole family exploring rope bridges in the jungle.

Crocodile and snake show for those who want to tickle their nerves is the most extreme program, emotions of tension will accompany you to the last trick.

A trip to the jungle on an ATV is one of the most extreme ways to explore the wildlife on Koh Chang. Simple routes and extreme ones are available – laid along mountain trails. One of the quadromes is located near the Plaloma Resort Hotel on White Sand Beach.

You can explore the surroundings from a bird's-eye view on a light-engine aircraft. The pilot will take a ride through the air, which will give a lot of impressions to anyone.

A bike ride around the island on the road between Ban Rong Than and Ban Bang Bao will open up wonderful views of the hills, the sea and the surrounding area.

For those who like hiking, there are various excursions to the tropical forests surrounded by hills. Exploring the wilderness on foot is an incomparable pleasure, especially on Koh Chang.

You can improve your health with the help of a complex of spa treatments and the famous Thai massage on Koh Chang in between sea and sun baths. Thai massage is a real art. The qualifications of the local specialists are sufficient to achieve physical and spiritual harmony in just a few sessions.

Spa treatments and Thai massage in Koh Chang, Thailand

How to get

There is no airport on Koh Chang Island, the nearest one is located on the mainland in the city of Trat. There are no direct flights from Russia to Trat.


Bangkok is a 50-minute flight from the provincial capital of Trat. Bangkok Airways operates flights twice a day. A transfer from Trat Airport to the island, including ferry crossing, can be booked in advance at the airport.


A comfortable bus is suitable for those who wish to admire the local scenery. The average travel time is 5-6 hours from Bangkok, and 3-4 hours from Pattaya. If you are traveling in a friendly company, we recommend that you rent a minibus.


The most optimal route to Trat for road travelers is along Highway No. 3, which passes through Chonburi, Rayong and Chanta Buri. The total distance is 385 km, the travel time is about 5 hours.

Ferry crossing

From the capital of Trat to Koh Chang Island, you can go from three piers in the Laem Ngob area. You can get to the pier by songteo – local transport, a mini truck with passenger seats. Open Thai songteo pickups can be found at the city market. The ferry is open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The journey time is about 40 minutes.

Hotels in Koh Chang

As in the entire island tourism sector of Thailand, Koh Chang offers accommodation for every taste – from budget apartments and bungalows to luxury villas. The hotels on Koh Chang are mostly elite and with a large green area — with pools, parks, attractions, bars and restaurants. With a wide selection, a vacation on Koh Chang can be truly unforgettable!


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