Museum of Illusions Dubai

The Museum of Illusions

An unusual space that will make you see the familiar world from a different angle. There are more than 60 visual expositions with holograms, optical illusions and immersive rooms that will make you transfer yourself in another reality.

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What to do

The Ames Room at the Museum of Illusions in Dubai

Many rooms are designed for beautiful photos.

In one room, you can take a picture of yourself walking on the ceiling. In the Ames rooms, you can become several times bigger than your friend. In the vortex tunnel, you can test your sense of balance while playing exciting games.

Be sure to go into the mirror room and try to count the number of your own reflections.

Interesting illusions that you can watch:

Ames rooms

The vortex tunnel

The Antigravity Room

The upside-down room

The illusion of a large chair

Head on a plate

Optical illusions


The Endless Tunnel


A great place to have fun and take unusual photos. You can buy interesting puzzles at the gift shop.

How to get to

The Museum of Illusions is located in Al-Sif district of Bur Dubai. The easiest way to get there is by taxi.

Ticket prices

The ticket price is 80 dirhams for visitors over 16 years old, admission for children is 60 dirhams.

Working hours

From Monday to Thursday from 10 am to 10 pm. From Friday to Sunday and on holidays from 10 am to 11 pm.


December 07, 2023

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