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Herceg Novi


A city with that name can't help but be something amazing. Intuition will not deceive you: Herceg Novi is amazing!

You can get to Herceg Novi by ferry. The Tivat — Herceg Novi ferry in Montenegro runs along the Boko Kotor Bay and connects two cities: Lepetani and Kamenari. The measured life of the Montenegrin coast leads any nervous person to a calm soul in a few hours. It's not far from the ferry crossing to the city by car.

The most famous sights of the city are the sea fortress (Forte Mare), the Clock Tower, the fortress "Bloody Tower" and the Orthodox Church of St. Michael the Archangel on Belavista Square.

Monument to King Tvrtko I. Stefan Tvrtko I Kotromanich, circa 1338 — 1391) was a Bosnian ban from the Kotromanich dynasty in 1353-1366 and 1367-1377, the first king of Bosnia in 1377-1391, king of Dalmatia and Croatia since 1390.

The promenade in Herceg Novi. It's long, you can walk for a long time. The views are amazing!

It is very pleasant in Montenegro in winter. To sit on the rocks and turn your face to the sun is exactly what the residents of the middle zone lack so much.

The tunnel on the Herceg Novi embankment.

Pine trees descend branches directly to the sea.

Palm trees, yachts and mountains. Beauty. There is a random person in the photo, if anything.

Beautiful ruins of the Citadel.

A sign with text. To help students of the local language.

Debris and ruins.

The Church of St. Jerome in Herceg Novi.

We were in Montenegro after the invasion of the palm weevil, I think that was the name of the parasite that destroyed almost all the large-sized palm trees on the coast. It was a national natural disaster.

Someone's windows.

The coloristics of Herceg Novi makes peace in the heart. Natural stone and pine trees. It is light, clean and very harmonious.

At some point, in some places in Montenegro, a fragrance begins to appear that drives you crazy. It turned out that eucalyptus smells like that. In the eucalyptus grove near Sveti Stefan, you can generally get a course of aromatherapy from nature itself - such a strong aroma.

That's it. It's about an environmental disaster with this beetle that ate all the palm trees. The red palm weevil.

Poor Montenegrin palm trees.

Friends! Herceg Novi impressed us so much during our trip that it topped the rating of the most recommended places to visit in Montenegro. Share your impressions if you were there. Did you like it?


March 19, 2024 03:21 pm



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