It just so happens that I am not a classic traveler who is supposed to visit all well-known sights and take pictures at monuments. As it turned out, there are quite a few places in Kotor that have passed by, because at that time I was studying ancient doors and windows.

When you read the opuses of other travelers, it is often difficult to determine their true impression of what they saw. To feel the atmosphere of the place, so to speak. Now I understand why: I have nothing to say about Kotor in general, because the feeling did not develop because of the sticking on the textures.

☝️Do not repeat other people's experiences, which are very interesting, it is worth going around the whole!

Kotor marina.

Kotor has many palaces, churches and cathedrals, towers, fortresses and city gates. And big beautiful trees.

The embankment in Kotor.

In Kotor there is a parking lot on the embankment under the fortress. It's paid. That's what awaits those who abandoned the car outside the parking lot.

There are many large and beautiful trees.

Rocky textures will never leave architects of all stripes alone. Rocks and water. It's always very beautiful.

Look at the beautiful cypresses in the rock.

Christmas decorations. Subtle.

The colors and textures captured me.

The black door.

The pastel door.

The white door.

Interior decoration of courtyards.

Fortress walls.

The blue head. Suddenly.

Kotor is a location from the category of #mustsee. A very interesting fortress, a pleasant promenade, a cozy town.

If you happen to visit Montenegro and visit Kotor, start with the Old Town. Then your feet will guide you through all the sights of this unique place. And among them:

St. Tryphon's Cathedral

St. Nicholas Church

St. Luke's Church

Armory Square

The Fortress of St. John

Church of St. Mary of the River

The Church of the Virgin

Boka Bay of Kotor

The Citadel

Lovcen National Park

Beskucha Palace

The Princely Palace

Maritime Museum of Montenegro

Bucha Palace

Grgurin's Palace

... and don't stick to the details like some 🖖

Have a nice trip!



March 19, 2024 03:21 pm



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