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Lovchensk serpentine


It is enough to look at this road on the map to want to go there.

It's quite an extreme ride, but it's worth it if you look around. And you just want to look around, because the views are completely cosmic.

The road itself looks like this - on one side there is a cliff, on the other - a cliff. It's insanely beautiful!

Observation decks are located in large numbers along the entire route. You can't help thanking the builders who built them. The people of the mountains are different from the people of the plains. They see the world from above. And they know a lot about these types.

By itself, the fact that there is a road of this order in the mountains, and indeed throughout Montenegro, always makes me tremble. In the mountains, inside the mountains, under the mountain, between the mountains. In moments of thoughtlessness, I just imagine road works in a place where it is not easy to get to, but it is incomprehensible to deliver equipment, asphalt, strengthen slopes, build viewing platforms. And make it look like it was) the highest skill.

Like in the movies. Like in a dream. Like nowhere else on earth.

Above the clouds. At least once in your life you need to be above the clouds in order, as in that advertisement, to understand that the sun is always above the clouds. The plane doesn't count)

At the edge of the abyss. The soul just looks through the eyes, and the head thinks - the stones themselves lay down like that or were carefully built. So you need a faucet, right? And the soul wins by silence and unimportance - how. And you're just watching.

Bridges on the edge of the world. You will just stand in the milk. I closed my eyes, opened my eyes - fog. A sense of security and total delight. This is probably what literate meditation looks like ;)

Local icing. The higher the temperature, the logically colder it is. The coast is relaxing, but if you travel in winter and rush to the mountains, dress warmly.

Almost all dangerous places are covered with a net. Just for practical reasons, I think. Rockfall is probably a traditional phenomenon here.

Observation decks. Whether from the unaccustomed abundance of breathtaking mountain views, or even from a change of viewing location, you involuntarily try to grasp the essence and understand what a person needs for happiness - someone needs a cornfield, and someone needs a point somewhere on the mountain. To get to know the whole vast nature of the world where you are just visiting.

In a word, guys… You don't have to be a hardened extreme to catch the amazing feeling of freedom from the conventions of perception. Sometimes it's enough just to change the point of view. The view from above is exactly what is so lacking in the daily carousel. I strongly recommend you to visit. Silence in the head is guaranteed 🖖


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October 4, 2022 07:18 pm
Wasn't it scary to drive on such a road? Mountains, clouds 😍
Lana Gardmann
October 4, 2022 07:46 pm
Scary is not the right word! Especially in the passenger seat. We still have such a dashing driver, they drank valerian)