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Ada Bojana/Ulcinj


When people are looking for interesting places in Montenegro, especially if they have a car at hand, Ada Bojana gets into the list of places that are, in principle, easy to reach if desired.

Ada Bojana is famous for its large beach.

Ada Bojana Beach, 3.8 kilometers long and 50 to 150 meters wide, can accommodate up to 13 thousand vacationers at the same time.

It is believed that part of the coastline was given over to a nudist beach, and the other remained with the "textiliers" — that's what the adherents of traditional recreation are called here. But since the trip was in winter, it was not possible to find nudists :)

Winter is not the best time to evaluate the whole truth of the phenomenon, so to speak, so we went to Ada Bojana just like that. It turned out to be a place of amazing beauty. And very strange sand. It is rumored that it is curative, contains more than 30 minerals

There are a lot of interesting things on the way to Hell Boyana from the same Budva. And, of course, it is better to go in season, so to speak, to join 13 thousand vacationers 🖖


March 18, 2024 04:35 am



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