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Galitsky Park in Krasnodar. Long read.


Galitsky Park in Krasnodar is a spectacular place not only because of its colossal grandeur. It is a great event in the world of landscape architecture and park construction.

The Krasnodar Park was opened on September 28th 2017. It covers an area of 22.7 hectares. More than 2,500 trees were planted in the park, including oaks, maples, alders, bonzai, poplars, pines, tulip trees, oaks, tulips, and ornamental plums and horisava trees, which can be closed in winter.

There is a great deal of references about the park available online and my visit will be a kind of landscape and touristic overview.

It is worth noting the sharp contrast between the park itself and its surroundings. This is a big cognitive leap between how it should be and how it is in most cities of our country.

Mirrored dressers and bonsai shapes. Combined flooring and balance of areas. Free perspectives with a colour constant held in minimal use of colour.

The project was developed by the German architecture bureau GMP International

Croning is a formative pruning method which evokes a negative reaction in most people.

Pavement bike lane pictograms

Rhododendron is a giant

Cocoons - domes. It seems there are mimosas.

That's all you need to know about installing tree trunks as railings in stairs.

Carp koi

Hi-tech benches

Always interesting are the modern project approaches. Antivandalism in the Galitskiy Park of the 80 lvl. Well, except for wooden benches.

Splitting rainwater drainage 😎 is a really cool thing.

Art-object 'Artificial environment'. On the wires and their influence. In fact a cool execution, made out of some mesh.

Yes, Baobab.

Arrays of bushes are the most appropriate solution for greening large areas.

Lines and Shapes.


Light and Color.

Alley of bonsai.

Hanging laid tiles

If anyone is interested, the construction.



Trees in barrels. Like feathers.

Trimmed bushes

Bike Rack

Tree trunk circles

Red on red.

Entry to the Fish Pond.

Mahonia Array.

Spatial structure

This is not a shady park for relaxation in the heat. The space implies movement. To walk, run, ride a bicycle.

Well-fitting skirting boards are the hallmark of neatness. Oh, and road tile cutting. That's my favorite.

Olives in the pots and Art object 'Geolocation'.

Array of shrubs Interseason.

Geometry of Space


Art object. It is a very interesting idea to make a bas relief of the current reality.

New Year was indeed a long time ago.

Walls and Verticals.

Lights - Lavender Fields.

Ivy hedge care

Lavender Fields. They say you should watch it in the evening.

At this park's imitation, one can dance like on coals. It is all artificial with no ability to exist without support. This is a slap in the face to all the leading trends in pseudo-natural gardening. to low-maintenance and self-sustainability. Many spears have been broken about biocenosis and natural constants, let's just admit that not one landscape design is natural. Not one. And this park is at the peak of evolution in the best form due to the domes, cocoons, micro sprinklers, fog machines, and artificial lighting.

Park benches. Enough space for everyone.

Simple design solutions. Add a splash of color. Nothing else.

Seaming the lawn with steps. It's a tricky task.

Hundredth Good Angle.

Layers and Superimposition.

Trimmed hedges and cubes.

Species Perspective

Lines and shapes. Vertical setback planning.

Seats. Plenty of them.

Mosaic designs. I imagine the scale of layout files throughout the park.

Zoning and pedestrian walkways. Lighting organization.

View of the Stadium-Coliseum


The stadium was conceived as an anachronistic monumental building. This is what makes it related to the Colosseum. We didn't adjust to the scale of the city, and actually, didn't adjust to anything at all; we simply created a beautiful thing. Galitsky wanted to create a theatre of football in which people feel as if they are entering another world. He understands that the stadium will never pay off. StrelkaMAG

Perhaps the key information of the whole scheme.

Mr. Galitsky is a unique person in this sense for me. And while, I, like everyone else, see what they create, and I know the true value of ideas. Usually the coolest ideas are priceless. Like all high art.

Yes, it is worth a look in other seasons. I'm already making plans for my next tour.


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September 25, 2022 12:04 am
Unexpectedly from the word at all, in the summer probably everything is drowning in greenery there
September 24, 2022 10:29 pm
I liked the park too. Although opinions about him are very different
September 23, 2022 03:21 am
We live in Krasnodar. When it's hot, we go with the children to lie on the lawns in this park. Come before the cold weather to see the trees without shelter, a completely different view.
September 25, 2022 10:12 am
Lana Gardmann
September 23, 2022 06:08 am
As experts in the field, please tell me if there is automatic watering on the lawns there? As for the shelters - perhaps it is difficult to imagine more aesthetically pleasing than it is done in your park. But it's probably very green in summer!
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September 21, 2022 03:50 pm
🔥 Thank you for the coolest review of the park!!