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Exhibition: Kais Salman – Cities of Rust


We had the opportunity to visit Kais Salman's exhibition at Alserkal Avenue in Dubai, which is worth mentioning separately.

Kais Salman (born 1976) is a Syrian painter based in Damascus. His style has been dubbed 'monochromatic, abstract expressionism,' and has presented a contrast to the works of preceding Syrian artists, who were heavily inspired by Soviet art. Similar to other current Syrian artists, Salman has profited from exposed contact and celebrity on the global art market, including the art auction houses of Dubai. His pieces have had a sixfold increase in value between 2006 and 2010, and with prices now reaching as much as 17,500 euros.

There are certain things that make you recoil with all your social conventions, from doomedness to resignation. The works of this artist have struck me more poignantly than ever before, with such an accurate hit of the ten sociophobic constructs. Judge for yourself.

Here one can talk as much as one wants about how #theartistsees it, but why do I see it the same way? I'm not an artist. The measure of empathy and involvement in the crest of this wave made my visit to this exposition an event.

Multi-apartment living, parallel human pathos, emotional resonance and constraint.

Can you imagine what kind of world view an artist has under tight control? Conformity.

It's already complete and utter desolation, like in November.



You could stare for hours at these figments of the imagination – fictional (or real?) characters standing alone and apart. Here's grandpa in his car, there's a red-headed oddity; a couple of ethereal figures off to the top left. But in the mass, there's an oppressive feeling of humanity.

Biography of the Yellow Man

Yellow Man's Clothes.

Vibrations of the Yellow Man.

The degree of vibrations of the yellow man. Scratches of reality.

Molten Psyche.

Scientist. Fish. And Little Goat.



Cheerful Spectral Kids.

Alarm clock ringing.

Flashes of consciousness

Basic tranquility and satisfaction. When there is food.

Window. Probably.

Extremely strong emotional experiences. Sometimes the work of artists is just beautiful, sometimes skillful, technical, and sometimes like this. About life. And basically, such a vision is enough to determine for yourself what life is for you. Is it this or something else. That's what creativity is for. If you don't understand it yourself - they will show you. Cut it up and you will understand. And exhale ... or inhale)


March 18, 2024 04:35 am



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