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Contemporary art galleries - Alserkal Avenue


If there is something truly modern and progressive in the world, then the Emirates is the most accessible place to define this. One part of the focus group is amazed by the visualization of excessive material wealth, while the other part is amazed by its theoretical and practical possibilities. The main thing is to see how it is done by others and to note the width of the gap between expectations and reality.

Modern art for me personally is the nature of people. The quintessence of the plastic of creative evolution under the influence of social metrics. Modern art can be of two types - present and ****-punk. The second goes past the cash register of my creative perception due to an overload of pain and only in certain threshold states, and the first I can't even describe in words because the effect from it is as powerful as from wild natural places in their momentary sameness.

Panno with a holographic effect.

Modern art and Dubai are very compatible.

Make a trampoline out of tires. Just bounce!

Exhibits housed in hangers start with the entrances. It's great when you wander down corridors of time and you get to pick which doors you're interested in. It was interesting here in every way!

Inputs and Outputs.

The main thing is to go to such places with the right attitude - childlike curiosity and openness will be very appropriate, so your inner critic goes with you until it can distinguish truth from nonsense :) Something like that.

Pink pallets. Even such a look at things can change the dismal worldview by 180 degrees.

Wall posters. Whoa.

Light and Shadow. This is the foundation.

Just a slumbering pink barrel. I don't know why it touches me. You just stand and watch.

Allowances and allowances. Try to object.

There are lots of interesting spaces and exhibits, so if you're interested, you should go and check it out.

Just look at the one who's looking.

Mental Clinic

That's a strange request.Spermatozoa Spoons.

Play with color. Like a designer to a designer.

Stop putting on airs and discard the dead from the living. Is this done with an intent, or not yet done? Nevertheless, even this I mark as an exhibit. Very good.

Spoiler: Put these works into a separate post. Masterfully. On the edge of fear and delight. Your social games.

The rusty doshirak is very conceptual.

Makaroshki. Enjoy!

Shadeshooter. Lamp on the edge.

Portrait. Use your imagination.

Really? Because someone had gone through. Dishes close to the Russian heart.

Collage Art. Love It.

Horses never give a man peace because they are proud.

Creatures intimidated by poverty will never understand how it is possible to create such beautiful things slowly and painstakingly instead of spending their lives sitting in offices.

This is totally genius. It's amazing what can be done with the world through a textual-symbolic interpretation. Wow.

Classics. Only those who understand luxury can understand carpets.

Even a mundane blue bottle looks like a work of art here.

'Let me show you the world through my eyes'.

After writing this post, I came to the understanding that I definitely want to see contemporary art in my travels. If anyone also find this interesting, please share in the comments where you recommend to visit, what impressed you, and where to go to immerse yourself. And thank you to all involved for allowing me to experience the boundaries of human expression through art. That's really awesome!


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September 19, 2022 12:40 pm
A very cool place that few people know about. But even just for this place you need to come to Dubai 🤩🤩🤩