Every traveler has their own personal entry point into space. The shortest way for all is to plunge into the original nature without any preparation, on improvised bridges.

Often, to plan out their trip, people do research on tripadvisors where they can read reviews, view pictures, and basically have no reason to leave. We all know that the brain reacts to virtual reality the same as it does to real reality.

I strongly recommend that you not look at pictures and reviews when visiting natural places. It is quite possible that it will be a place of power for you, just for that reason.

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I had no prior knowledge about Svirsk Gorge, so diving into it was a physiological experience: you go into the woods and find yourself in a chamber of manifested presence in the here and now.

Dolmens. All that is known about them is that nothing is known. It is still unclear what they are. There are various opinions, sometimes mutually exclusive. What is your version?

Svirsk Gorge


One of my personal bugbears is a dog.


March 18, 2024 04:35 am



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