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Elbrus region


Mountains. Freedom. Beauty!

Matrix failure


As you travel to the fabled slope, a view of landscapes reminiscent of Mars and Iceland opens up. The horses peacefully graze and eat, there are no people. One farmhouse at the mountain can be seen. And silence...

The weather changes every kilometer. Rain over the mountains, the sun on one mountain and snow on the other - bask in the beauty!

Mountain streamlet at the foot of the hills

A pair of panels stands between the mountains, a small shop, and a couple of people who look extremely happy and carefree. Then again mountains, emptiness and freedom.

To the right is Mount Cheget.

The first place to capture the spirit becomes Cheget. The mountain at the top of which a microscopic elevator can be seen makes one panic in one place.

On your way and climbing up Elbrus, you are looking at everything like in 'Interstellar,' all smooth, white, fluffy, and terribly beautiful.

Why, it's a fairy tale!


These terrifying lifts on top of the 'Cheget' mountain is another adventure, it's scary to sit in them, but when they lift you up above the abyss on a hanging seat...

At the slope of Elbrus, the lifts are much calmer and safer, but we'll talk about that a bit later.

Standing on the last high point of Gara-Bashi (3847 m), many people start to suffer from altitude sickness. And this feeling when there is no air and everything around is so beautiful...

But we need to hurry down to avoid suffocating

View from the Elevator Window

Many people take the cable car simply as an excursion, so it is not necessary to take skis or snowboard to see this breathtaking, majestic landscape. The cable car ride is paid but the closed cabins provide security and clean windows from which one can admire the view and yawn the whole way (to relax the ears) - it's worth it.

There are cafes and restaurants between the 4 stations where you can have many delicious national dishes!

I recommend to visit and ride!

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