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The Baltik Horses


Every hunter wishes to know about the closest equestrian club. It turned out to ride a horse was not far away.

The rental offering was a horseback ride in a magical forest. The horses in turnout is the best horses in the world, I was absolutely thrilled to see the herd of horses grazing.

Foal with its mother.

Mr. Pony. Very serious uncle.

After mounting up in a wide open field on a picket line, we set off for a ride in the woods. I must say, the saddle I got was somehow very slippery, despite the silicone leeway on the horse bridles, it felt like sitting on a polished plate. The horse was slow and didn't maintain the distance. Riding in a picket line was a trial, but it was perfect for the lovers of horse rides.

Horse ride.

Magical Forest

The forest was truly magical. The leaves rustled; the horses knew their trails and horseback riders mission was to sit and look around.

Advice for horseback riders – ride on different saddles and horses regularly. The tack should be securely fastened, otherwise small things will distract from enjoying the nature. From time to time straps might be too short, the saddle slippery or the horse restless. Riding is like driving – you become an expert quickly but it always feels uncomfortable to adjust to a new horse.


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September 12, 2022 05:16 pm
Can you share information about where the horses were taken? What is the route and how much does it cost?
Lana Gardmann
October 31, 2022 04:36 pm
It cost 3500rubles/ hour or so, the location is not far from Svetlogorsk. The route through the field to the forest and back. The three of us were traveling with a guide.