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The Museum of Trash – MU MU KA


For fans of ecology and other ecologists, there is an interesting place not far from Zelenogradsk. The museum of trash.

The Museum of Trash in Kaliningrad, which is called 'Mu Mu Ka', is not what you think. It's actually a very funny place. The trash, of course, is metaphorical and tidy, but still very epic. I think it would be quite realistic to fit the contents of an average apartment into a single exhibition.

As immersion into the context begins, a subtle violence is brought on human treaures. Interesting thoughts.

'MU MU KA' is part of the museum group 'PARADOX' which brings together 6 of the most popular museums in Zelenograd: MU Museum of Trash KA Kaliningrad 'MU MU KA', Cat Museum 'MURARIUM', Museum of Skulls and Skeletons (MCHS), Museum 'Angel House', Museum of Owls and Hawks 'FiloSovia', Museum of Resort Fashion.

Tsoy is alive.

Color bomb. Made of trash

In essence, it's all trash. That's it.

Dress made of film. Fits well to the figure.

Ecological Postconceptualism

Trash decorations.

Sometimes we have to see the beautiful in the terrible and value in devalued. As the toys from the short movie 'Toy Story' said - 'We are not trash!', remember? That's about it. Trash. That's all.


March 19, 2024 05:13 pm



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September 12, 2022 07:58 pm
Some special thing in Kaliningrad on this topic. I watched the review of one blogger - so the locals complained about the garbage throughout the video, told how they cleaned it themselves and were annoyed by tourists because they were littering. \n\nI understand them and agree with them, but do not turn it into paranoia) The museum becomes the quintessence of this thought.