Travel trips and hacksTravel trips and hacks

What should I take on a trip? You can't forget to take it.

Before a trip, you often think about how to take everything and not forget things. I have compiled a universal checklist that will help you to travel confidently.

We will definitely take it

🎫 Passport or international passport

If you are traveling abroad, it is better to take both passports or make copies. This way you can additionally confirm your identity.

💵 Cash and bank card

Even if Russian cards work in the country, it is better to have a stock of foreign currency: dollars or euros. This will allow you to pay in another country or in duty free without any problems.

📄 Documents for children

This may be a passport or a birth certificate with a mark of the child's citizenship. If he goes abroad alone, he needs consent to leave Russia.

📱 Phone and charging

For communication, navigation and convenience.

🎒 Backpack or bag

In order not to lose things and carry all the most important things with you.

It's better to take

🏛 Insurance

It is needed to cover expenses in case of accidents or other circumstances. Without insurance, treatment or other care can cost thousands of dollars.

Insurance is available for different types of travel, for example: for a relaxed or active holiday.

🏢 Hotel reservations

There is more choice and more transparent offers on the Internet. This way you will not be deceived and you will feel more confident. The reservation can be printed out to show at the hotel.

✈️ Transport tickets

At the airport, check-in is carried out using a passport, but some companies may require a paper ticket.


I want to walk more and not waste time charging my phone, for this we take a powerbank.

👟 Comfortable shoes

If you walk a lot, take sneakers. This way your legs will get tired less and you can walk longer.

👔 Change of clothes

You can get dirty or get caught in the rain to change clothes — we take a second set of clothes.

📶 Mobile roaming tariff

So as not to lose a lot of money on the Internet or calls. Read more about roaming and phone abroad in the article.

You can take it

💊 A travel first aid kit or a set of medicines

If you have a medical condition or you are traveling with a child, it is more convenient to have medicine with you.

Please note that some medicines may be prohibited from importation in the country of destination. Check the customs regulations in advance.

🧼 Hygiene products

Deodorant, shower gel, creams and dental supplies are sometimes more convenient to buy during a trip. Razors and scissors can only be carried in luggage.

🎲 Entertainment without Internet

There is not always Internet on the plane and train. To have fun, you can take a book, a board game or download a movie.

🔌 Charging adapter

The charging outlet is different in some countries. Find out about the connector in advance and take the adapter.

🧻 A set of wet or dry wipes

Something has spilled or got dirty — it is convenient to wipe it with a napkin.

💧 Water

It can be stuffy on the train and on the plane and you will want to drink. Buy water at the airport in advance. For some companies, you can ask the flight attendant for a glass.

Take into account the weather, your habits and the convenience of your loved ones when packing for a trip.


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