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If anyone reads my stories, then in one of the posts there was a stuffing about those who really like Zelenogradsk, and who Svetlogorsk. let's talk about it.

Zelenogradsk promenade

A girl on a bicycle and a trash can. Freeze frame.

When I design such structures I struggle a lot because they are complex as spatial-object structures and require difficult implementation. Not much can be said about building structures here - they exist. But one can ask a question about a concept of greening. You can't deny that the idea of a concept was much more interesting, but there were no answers in the surrounding space. And even up to this day they don't exist.

Landscape Design of Zelenogradsk Embankment.


Cool Seagulls.

Simply beautiful frame.

Vibropressed concrete cobblestones 'Brick-like' 200x100x80 mm.

Greening? The subscriber is not in network.

Ferris Wheel. Didn't work.


March 19, 2024 03:26 pm



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Lana Gardmann
September 12, 2022 10:39 pm
It turns out that in Zelenogradsk we passed by the biggest attraction - cats. People who were, share! Otherwise you'll have to go again)