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Acclimatization or a newfangled jetlag

How do I get used to changing the time zone after long-distance flights?

What is it

Acclimatization is the process of adapting to the changed conditions of an organism in a new time zone or climate. Symptoms may include nausea, headache, and fatigue.

Jetlag is a similar process, but related exclusively to long—distance flight. This word came from English and was originally closely associated with flights from America to Europe.

Both terms are closely related and are sometimes used as the same thing.

What to do

On the plane

Passengers are listening to a safety briefing.

When flying long distances, consider your direction relative to parts of the world.

If you are flying East, you will arrive at a later time than at your place of departure.

When flying West, you will most likely arrive within the same day as you took off at your place of departure.

Important: when buying tickets, calculate your arrival time.

If you arrive in the early hours, get some sleep during the flight. If the landing is expected in the evening local time, do without a long sleep so that the adaptation process goes quickly.

Don't forget the pillows and blankets. Be sure to buy water at duty-free and stock up on TV shows for the long journey.

Upon arrival

Baggage claim tape.

You have traveled thousands of kilometers and you can't wait to explore a new region.

Take your time, look for remedies for headaches and fever. For some travelers, the body does not immediately get used to a different climate and time zone.

Don't make grandiose plans for the first day of the trip. Most likely, you will be very sleepy during the day.

This point is especially important if you arrived in the morning and did not sleep on the plane.

Restrain the desire to fall asleep until the evening, so that you can come to your senses and wake up the next morning at a convenient time.

The main thing is to synchronize the internal clock with the local time. This way you will acclimatize faster and have a good time.

What then

The couple travels in distant lands.

You haven't finished your trip yet or you've already returned home.

Sudden change of time zones causes stress in the body and loss of time.

Because of this, during the trip and for some time after returning, you may wake up in a different time zone.

The restoration of sleep mode will not happen immediately, try to go to bed at the same time and get up only on the alarm clock.

Control your condition and travel in joy.


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Alex Trebuchet
October 21, 2023 12:46 pm
А считается ли акклиматизацией, когда выходишь из квартиры +28 на улицу в -30? Разница 58 градусов между прочим. Но что-то я не видел, чтобы кого-то от этого тошнило или появлялась головная боль. Так что видится, что этот термин все же относится не к температурным качелям, а к адаптации к воде и еде в новой местности. \n\nОсобенно забавно слышать об акклиматизации летних туристов, которые едут из +30 в +30 и рассказывают о ней :)