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How to get from Moscow airports to the capital

Upon arrival in the capital, the question arises — how to get to the hotel or attractions, especially if you are in Moscow for the first time.


Yandex Taxi car in Moscow

Taxi is one of the first associations that arise with the word "airport".

There are many taxi drivers and operators in Moscow, so you can quickly find transport to the center at an affordable price.

You can order a taxi in the mobile app, by phone or at the airport counter.

Aeroexpress train

Aeroexpress trains are on the way

Aeroexpress — high-speed trains and buses that run from the largest airports in the capital.

Aeroexpress trains take you to the center of Moscow from Sheremetyevo (terminal D, E, F), Vnukovo and Domodedovo.

High-speed buses also run from Sheremetyevo (terminals B and C) to the Khovrino metro station. A similar route operates from Domodedovo Airport to the Domodedovo metro station.

The price of a ticket for a high-speed train starts from 500 rubles, for a bus from 250 rubles.

Tickets are on sale on the Aeroexpress website and at airport terminals.


Train at Vnukovo Airport station

From Vnukovo Airport, you can get to the Business Center (Moscow City) without a transfer.

Trains have been running on the Solntsevskaya metro line since October 2023. Trips are available at standard city rates with free transfers to other metro lines.

You can pay for the trip with a bank card, a ticket from the metro ticket offices or a Troika card.

A poster in honor of the opening of Vnukovo Airport station in the Moscow metro


Moscow carsharing cars in an indoor parking lot

Moscow airports have parking lots where you can rent a car for a trip to the city or for a few days of travel.

The cars of Delimobil and Yandex companies are mainly represented.Drive, BelkaCar and Citydrive.

To travel, you need to download a mobile application, when paying for parking, the operator compensates for its cost.


Moscow bus

Regular bus routes run from each Moscow airport.

Mosgortrans buses run from Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo airports, and Moscow Region Transport buses run from other airports

Depending on which region the airport is located in, the fare varies.

Travel can be paid with a bank card, a city pass or purchased at airport terminals.

On foot

Exit from Vnukovo Airport terminal

I didn't mix anything up.

Vnukovo Airport is located on the territory of the city of Moscow, which means that you go directly to the capital.

The cost of the trip is a few calories.


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