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What is glamping and why it is fashionable


Glamping is a relatively new term that is becoming more and more common when choosing an outdoor recreation option. We tell you where this word came from, what it means and how 'glamping' differs from the usual 'camping'.

What is glamping

Glamping is an outdoor recreation, but in comfortable and familiar conditions for a city dweller with wifi, a kitchen, hot water, and sometimes even with an all-inclusive service and a personal concierge. The name comes from words 'glamour' and 'camping'. But it was not always so...

History of glamping

Although the term officially appeared in the Oxford Dictionary in 2005, it originally referred to camping in equipped motorhomes or campers. Such houses were very popular with the actors, who often spent long shoots outside the urban civilization.

The interior of a motorhome

The development of mobile communications and the advent of mobile Internet in the early 2000s made it possible to rethink the specialized cars and trailers already known by that time in a new way - now it was possible for everyone to go on long trips with family and friends, while remaining connected in any part of the world . Recall the 2004 movie 'Dating the Fockers,' where a family goes on a long road trip in a posh motorhome converted from a bus.

Shot from the 'Meet the Fockers' movie

But then no one could have imagined that in just fifteen years the word would acquire a completely different meaning ...

Glamping now

Just a few years ago, it was hard to imagine a vacation in a beautiful, comfortable home overlooking the mountains, rivers or lakes, away from roads and familiar infrastructure.

House on a private island

Some people from childhood dreamed of a house by the lake, others wanted to create a place of power for themselves, others simply wanted to have a personal resting place or a place where it would be pleasant to spend old age.

Two interesting facts happened: the emergence of the online rental service Airbnb, and a few years later, the Covid-19 epidemic. The owners of such houses got the opportunity to rent them out in their free time, and after millions of people were quarantined in small apartments, the demand for such houses has grown thousands of times.

Remote work overlooking the port

Even after the lifting of all restrictions and the return of people to their former city life, this format of outdoor recreation has become a favorite format for many people. It is this holiday that is now most often called glamping. Although for lots of people this word remains the same romance of motorhomes, life in these vehicles has again became a part of the camping culture.

Glamping or camping? What's the difference?

Camping by the fire

The main difference is in the quality of life and personal comfort during the holidays. Going camping we definitely imagine life in a tent near our car a fire and delicious food in nature.

Glamping in a domed house

First of all we are talking about coziness and comfort. Secondly we can mention a small house in the form of the letter 'A' (aka A-Frame house), reminiscent of a hut or domed house, which offers a panoramic view right from a cozy warm bed.

Which format is better?

These are completely different types of recreation and each of them has both its pros and cons. I think everyone should choose for themselves exactly the format that is closer to them. Even if you are an avid hiker and camper you should definitely try the new format.


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