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Kalingrad or Königsberg?


Kaliningrad is a must-see in any context and this is why. Bottles. You don't have to be a connoisseur to want it all and right away. I had such childlike glee at the selection of merchandise and the idea of trading in those cute little glass bottles. Whoever guesses the bottle I chose in the photo - kudos to you, post your answers in the comments ;)

The Königsberg Cathedral

The Königsberg Cathedral

Professional reformulation involves a meticulous assessment of the landscape organization and I can add legends about the local road paving. Immediately you can see the old road tiles and the new. Even an inexperienced person will notice a huge difference in approach to the decoration of hard coatings 'before' and 'after'.

Road paving

Kant Island. View from the Observation Tower.

The Kananaka Island Square

Autumn foliage and Miscanthus. Very nice!

The square on Kant Island in terms of its landscape architecture is superb. Thoughtful planning and high-quality execution, of course, will leave a lot of interesting and valuable things for a professional. I was mightily impressed, to be honest! I'm quite the nitpicker.)

Colorful combinations and prospective plans of Kant's square.

The weather can be ignored. It is the Baltic region.

Souvenir Shop in Amber Tones.

Once again about the quality of the architectural forms execution. Pay attention.

View from the observation tower in Rybnaya Village.

The Miscanthus in Kaliningrad is gorgeous! So is the solution of such restrained greening. Let's keep an eye on the quality of paving stones.

We were in Kaliningrad during the pandemic and not everywhere were allowed to eat without a qr-code. However, we managed to have a tasty snack at 'Holiday Inn'. It was delicious and beautiful, what else do you need for complete happiness? A couple of apple pancakes with jam and meringue)

Delicious and beautiful food in Kaliningrad.

The Brandenburg Gate

The New Kaliningrad Synagogue.

The Gates of the Synagogue in Kaliningrad.

Kaliningrad is a great city. Beautiful. Maybe I'll want to come back here once again.


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September 12, 2022 07:22 pm
A completely different view of the city. To be honest, I remember the sad-looking Soviet buildings only. I will write my view of the city soon.