Travel to Arkhyz to visit a ski resort. Is it worth it or not?

The way to all the steepest ski resorts in the south of Russia lies through Nevinnomyssk or Pyatigorsk. From here, you can reach Elbrus, Arkhyz and Dombay in 3-6 hours by different types of transport. Here you can find a taxi driver to your liking, or a bus or book transport in advance. We are heading to Arkhyz.

view from the observation deck of the Bolshoy Zelenchuk river

Let's look at the geography of this area. There is a Lower Arkhyz, it is located furthest from the ski resort itself, the "Central" and the ski resort itself, which is divided into north and south. The further away from the slope, the cheaper housing prices will be. We stopped at the central one.

The town consists of one central street, and a village around it. The Bolshoy Zelenchuk River stretches through the edge of the city and everything is surrounded by mountains. A huge number of recreation centers, hotels and inns are all here and most people who come here to ride stay here. Here you can find a huge number of shops with equipment rental, restaurants and local cafes that sell homemade hychines and of course entertainment for every taste, whether it's: baths, sleighs, quad biking, horseback riding, swimming pools and much more.


We arrived in the season (end of February - beginning of March), and got into a mess. The resort is not ready for such a large number of people. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the resort from the city, but taking into account traffic jams, it will be at least an hour. Huge queues for all types of lifts on both slopes and impossible queues at the ticket offices. Crazy taxi prices and an insane number of people.

view from the northern slope

The ski resort itself is good, comfortable and pleasant, the slopes and lifts are good, new. But the number of people in the season greatly changes the impression and pleasure of the holiday.

Bolshoy Zelenchuk River

In general, Arkhyz is worth your visit, but choose your stay wisely so as not to defend the entire vacation in traffic jams and queues. And on the way back, do not forget to stop at the thermal springs in Nevinommysk or Pyatigorsk. Have a good rest!


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