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Dubai - dreams come true!

It has happened. I finally visited Dubai, where I had dreamed of going for so many years. It was one of the best trips of my life!

One of the most vivid impressions for me was the skyscrapers. I've been to Moscow City many times, but what I saw in Dubai is just space. And there are thousands here, and it feels like they are all many times higher. Unfortunately, due to the holidays, it was not possible to get to Burj Khalifa, but let this be the purpose of my new trip 😺

Walk. Summer!!

We were very lucky with the weather. While the spring trip to Moscow was covered with winter snow, the summer sun and a very warm sea were waiting for me in Dubai, which felt warmer than in Sochi in the summer. I think you've heard about sandy beaches yourself.

As for all girls, the biggest shock was the Dubai Mall. On the one hand, these are millions of billions of shops, on the other - I would really spend the whole vacation there if I had the opportunity!


Just so you understand, I couldn't get around it even in 2 days!

The stroller and I couldn't get ahead. They say it's the best place to watch the singing fountain.

But we looked at it from the other side. A fountain with music!

And we also went for a walk in the evening to Dubai Marina, which is also a very beautiful place, but since we lived near the center, we managed to walk only one evening.

Dubai Marina!

It's a gorgeous city, I'm thrilled. I highly recommend it to everyone, if someone has not been there yet (it seems to me that everyone has already been there before me). I really want to go to Dubai again, but only for a little longer. There were very few four days, who is going to advise - buy vouchers for at least a week or two!


March 18, 2024 04:35 am



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