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Goose Creek Tower or the house that Dr. Seuss built


If there is anything really strange in the world, then the "Dr. Seuss House" is one of the exhibits. The 56—meter tower, built in an incomprehensible way and looking, according to eyewitnesses, like a "combination of Swiss chalet and Russian wooden architecture" is located between Willow and Talkeetna in Alaska.

The Goose Creek Tower, visible for many kilometers around, has become a tourist attraction due to its unusual architecture. The base is a typical small log cabin, with smaller and smaller blocks piled on top.

Dr. Seuss's House in Alaska

In fact, little was known about the house until local journalists noticed it. They found out that parts of the house were built on the ground and installed upstairs using a crane. And that the house has a basement with an escape tunnel to the bunker.

Interior of Goose Creek Tower in Alaska

The upper tier, of course, offers a unique view of Alaska with a panoramic view of Denali National Park, Homer Spit and the beginning of the Aleutian Ridge. The owner continues the construction and does not know when it will be finished.

So who does this place belong to? The first owner used the house for 10 years before he died. Later, the house was empty until the new owner purchased it and began repairs. The house was purchased and completed by Phil Widener, an Anchorage lawyer. His idea was to put a telescope on the top of the tower. A telescope and a radio station.

The owner himself, when asked about the strange structure surrounded by legends and speculation, replies that "it will be his family's home, complete with a place upstairs where he can sit back, relax and write poetry under the northern lights in an incredible house, which he calls his "Poem to the Sky."

Please note: Goose Creek Tower is the private property of Mr. Widener, and it is being monitored and trespassers are being monitored. The building is still under construction and is closed to visitors.

How do I see the attraction? It can be seen from the Parks Highway, as well as from the train between Anchorage and Denali. The best option, however, is an aerial view. Therefore, when booking a flight from Talkitna, ask the pilot to take another lap around the famous Dr. Seuss house!


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