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The boy wants to go to Tambov

From the heart of Russia I am setting out on a journey to one of the most beautiful and unknown parts to the country.

The boy wants to go to Tambov is translation of the song 'Malchik hochet v Tambov' – Gidza

The way there lies through Tambov.

The route to the destination passes through Moscow, Ryazan and part of the Voronezh region.

The restored bell tower of the Kazan Monastery

I got familiar with the traditional music of the region from the local radio.

The city is greeted by a broken four-lane road and a massive stream of cars.


We pass through hinterland areas and arrive at the center of the city.

The Zoia Kosmodem'ianskaia Square

The square itself is a vivid representation of the contradictions of our times.

New Monastery and Hero of Soviet Legends

At the park there is a modern Patriarch's Residence and several temples.

The Patriarch's Residence

Next we go to the embankment and to the main park.

I saw a fire on the embankment.

The Central Park is a weird alleyway with a 2000s design and a small stream with grassy banks.

Generally, the place is pretty bleak.

Suddenly I felt like having something to eat so I went to the local 'Rio' mall near the park. It is generally a nice modern place.

The selection of entertainment is impressive.

After the snack I looked at the nearby parks and the 'Arbat'.

The beautiful but desolate Decembrist Square.

Boring and empty 'Arbat'.

The local main street ends in a dead-end.

In general, there is nothing to see in the city except for a couple of main streets, and its current state does not present any interest. The city seems to have frozen in the 2000s.

Design - the vinaigrette

Before the Revolution, Tambov was a thriving merchant city. Trade with the southern parts of the Empire played a significant role in the development of the city.

On some streets, a past grandeur shines through.

A Piece of Ancient Beauty and an inspiring sign on the Bus.

With time, the city lost its significance as a port of entry and became an ordinary provincial town. Just as ordinary, it remains to this day.

Lenin monument on the central square.

The city has neither fully preserved historical buildings nor impressive antiquities, and the district has no unique nature.

Tambov doesn't have anything to attract tourists. There's nothing to see or do after a couple of hours of walking around.

In the end, having enjoyed the grey sky and absence of anything interesting, I decided to move on to my next destination, the glorious city...




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September 25, 2022 11:44 am
We are waiting for the continuation!
September 23, 2022 12:14 pm
Tough on you, but not all cities are designed for tourists